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iPod as hard drive

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tiggle, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Can the i pod classic be used as a hard drive and a music player at the same time?
    For instance, can I drag files into it and still have all my music...or does it need to be either a music player...or a hard drive.

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    It can be both. Just enable the ipod for disk use. The only issue might be if you have more music and videos than you now have space available. Then you might need to manually manage what goes on the ipod.
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    maybe i've got it wrong, but hasn't this feature been cut from the current iPod releases?
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    I recently bought an 80 gig classic, and as was mentioned in an earlier post, you simply have to check off "enable ipod for disk use" and it will then appear in your finder as a drive.
    You can then use it as an external to store whatever you want.
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    No just form the iPhone, maybe the touch as well havent heard anything on that
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    The touch can't do disk mode either. Classic/nanos still do.
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    Thanks for those repies guys.

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