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iPod back polishing

Discussion in 'iPod' started by davedecay, Dec 13, 2007.

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    Just in case you haven't tried it, you can really clean up the back of iPods with scuffs on their chrome backs.

    Brasso® metal polish is around $3 a can, much cheaper than those specialized iPod cleaners.

    Here's a before/after of a fairly scuffed up iPod. I only did a minimum of rubbing and buffing.


    It won't eliminate them completely - you're still going to have a duller than usual back. But it does brighten the appearance. It also works on the front plastic, without marring it.
  2. SXR
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    Looks good, thanks for the tip. How do you get it so scratched anyway?
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    Man, that ipod is battered!
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    Brasso is for brass. We have, or at least had Silvo for silver metals.
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    The wood on the after brasso picture is different than the other picture, so i don't believe brasso and you just photoshopped the second a little :p
  6. SXR
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    good post , mate. I was about to say the same :D
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    its the same ipod. Look closley at the deeper scratches they are in the same place. Just in case you may have doubts. If you took a little more time on it with the brasso it would have came out a little better
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    you can also use the green part of a sponge..brushing in one direction.

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