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iPod Broken, but im not mad

Discussion in 'iPod' started by amholl, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Ok, so my 4G 40 GB iPod has the sad iPod and wont do anything it says on the apple support page, so im gonna take it in. I have Apple Care so they will replace it, but do you guys think they would replace it with a photo or a video?
    I am just wondering because i was planning on selling this one anyway. Having them give me a video would also eliminate me having to sell the photo to get the video. How much do u guys think a 60 GB photo would fetch me?
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    no, they'll give you a "new" 4th gen. It's like a refurbed iPod with all new parts and stuff, no scratches, but still a 4th gen. It's like an iPod recycling program. Same thing happened with mine ;)
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    I was wondering why you were not upset that your iPod was broken- that is, its being under warranty.

    If my iPod broke, I would be beyond upset. :)
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    idk, im upset, but i have a shuffle to tide me over, and this will put me less out of pocket for my new 5G iPod. But I am pretty upset, hust not outrageosly mad. It would have been easier if it didnt brake cus i would have gotten 230 for it from my mom, therfore being only 69 out of pocket. But with the new one, if its a 60 gig photo, i'll sell it for more than 300 and could even get a 60 gig vid.

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