iPod classic 4th gen U2 special edition HDD

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Tunny, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Hi to all.
    As you can see I'm new to this forum, I've been fixing and iPods, iPhones, cackberrys, HTC's, tablets etc for about three years now though (mainly as a hobby since packing in drinking, as I needed something to occupy me at the time lol) and I've come across many challenge's. I'm sure I can contribute to the forums in many ways.
    I just wanted to introduce myself and state that I'm not in this for profit, I just love doing what I do.
    All that said I'll get down to my problem and maybe with your help find a solution.
    I have just bought a iPod classic 4th gen U2 special edition, fully working but the person I purchased it from had a 5GB HDD fitted (I know shocking putting that in a classic)
    I decided to give it some TLC and refurb it back to it's original condition, so I bought a working MK2004GAL 20GB and a new battery for good measure.
    When the HDD arrived I formatted it to FAT32, all went great so I proceeded to fit it to the iPod, on turning the device on it went straight to the dreaded sad face.:(
    Well miffed I put it into disc mode and connected it to itunes, it was recognized instantly so I tried a restore but it kept failing. I then opened it back up and tried to boot it up again while listening to see if the HDD would spin, but no joy, no spinning what so ever.
    I tried the old HDD (5GB) and it booted up fine. Then connected the new HDD back upto my pc via my USB adapter, ?????? it spun straight away 18.6GB available. WTF. :confused:
    If anyone has any ideas what so ever I'd really appreciate it. Or maybe you have or had a similar problem. Or if you would just like to say Hi.
    Cheers to all who read this.
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    Clone the 5gb to the 20gb. Maybe it's firmware.
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    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I've tried to put the 5gb PCB onto the 20gb hdd, then fitted it to the ipod, it spins but will not restore.
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    It sounds like you're doing everything right, so realistically there shouldn't be an issue.
    Can you/have you tried plugging the iPod (with the new drive installed) into another computer just incase its some weird iTunes issue?
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    Hi Matt.
    Yep I've tried that as I've got an old PC with XP installed too. Plus I've tried three different sync cables.
    One thing I did notice when connected via USB to pc connector is it says 18.6GB available out of 18.8GB.
    So what I'm thinking is in "file options" show everything/all folders and hidden files on the 5Gb copy all of these onto the new HDD, but delete the original ones first, which I presume are using the missing 200MB. My apologies to California if this is what you meant by clone it.
    What do you think?
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    Yeah exactly as California said, clone the drive. What it might be worth doing instead of manually finding the files and copying would be to use some third party software to clone one to the other - so its exactly the same. Something like DriveImage XML (its free) should probably do the trick.
    Good luck!
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    That's brilliant, thank you.
    I just goes to show, you learn something new every day.
    Plus you can play any game you want but doing what I've been doing over the last three years is defiantly the best game in the world, I'm sure many will agree.
    I'm at work at the moment but I'll be giving it ago later for sure. MMM that's if I get home, God it's snowing out there.
    I'll report back later, again thanks a mill to both.
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    OK then. The plot thickens.
    I've cloned the old HDD to the new one, to be honest it went really well. Unplugged the new cloned 20gb HDD from my PC then to make sure all was as it should be plugged it back in, (I) U2 special edition 20GB (well 18.6GB),
    I was very optimistic about fitting it back into the iPod but to be on the safe side I thought I'd better leave the back off.
    Anyway it didn't boot up. So I swapped the PCB over again but still no joy, I then put the 5GB HDD with the 20GB PCB in and that one didn't spin.
    So they both format fine when plugged into the PC via direct cable, cloning was no problem but as soon as the new one is plugged into the iPod it does nothing, it doesn't even try to boot up.
    I can't get my head around this one at all. :confused::confused::confused:
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    Thats so weird, when the new drive is in the iPod and the iPod is in disk mode does it show under "My Computer"?
    Have you tried formatting it from there?

    My next recommendation would be to boot the iPod into diagnostic mode with the new 20GB drive inside.

    Make sure the hold switch is off, then on the iPod press and hold "Menu" and "Select" for about 10 seconds to reboot the iPod.

    When the Apple logo shows up, let go of the Menu and Select buttons, and press the "Rewind" and "Select" buttons. Hold them down, and the Apple logo should show up, but flipped. This should then bring you into diagnostic mode.

    Just be aware that in diag mode the clickwheel won't scroll. It works like up/down/left/right and select buttons.

    You'll have to look through this and maybe do the 5 in 1 test, or just the hard drive scans. Hopefully this will indicate whether there is a problem with the new drive itself.
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    Yep I've tried it in disc mode, it shows up but I can't access it, it just says "I" is not connected please unplug and reconnect. Etc.. Etc....
    It's back on charge at the moment I'll give it an hour and try your other suggestion regarding the diagnostic mode. Thanks again.
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    I'm back. It wouldn't go into diagnostic mode so I put the working HDD in and forced diagnostic mode that way then swapped the HDD's over, yeah I know but I would never normally do this but what the hell.
    Any I ran the 5 in 1
    64718 OK
    NO CON
    So then I tried a HDD scan but it froze.
    Right, just a thought the guy I bought it off had the HDD fitted for him so there is no way of getting any info.
    I'm thinking though what if the 5GB flex is different to the 20GB flex in other words did he take it from a mini perhaps or a old 2nd gen etc....
    Do you think this connector looks right?
    If not wahay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It appears it has the right part number on, but regardless it might be worth replacing it as its a relatively low-cost part + the cables are easily damaged.

    Hope you managed to get it sorted! :)
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    Cheers buddy. And thanks a bunch for all your help for half the day, hope to repay it soon.
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    That's okay, be sure to update us if you get it sorted! :)
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    Will do, although it may take longer than anticipated as I now have a white screen too#
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    Well I got there eventually.
    In the end I got my hands on a donor as I needed a new screen anyway. This way I could test what part was faulty for definite.
    To cut a long story short it was the HDD that was to blame, I still don't understand why as it still works on my pc but never mind I got to the bottom of the problem regardless.

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    Shame about the harddrive, but its great youve got it back up and running!! :)
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    . Cheers buddy ##

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