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Discussion in 'iPod' started by nonns, Nov 18, 2012.

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    I have had Ipod classic 160GB for some time now. Every year I hope that Apple will update it and increase the capacity and give us the benefit of some fo the features of the newer ipod touch devices. I rip all my music to flac and then convert to 320kbps stereo for use on the ipod as its only got 160GB. My entire music collection sits at around 250 GB Pop/rock/classical in mp3 format. Its far larger in flac. Spotify and the cloud don't cut it for reliable listening worldwide especially wen you're dependent on 3g and 4g and international roaming charges. Your music still needs to be locally held.

    I would love Apple to release a 500GB ipod touch with a decent headphone amp in it for audiophiles with large music collections. Alternatively partner up with B&W to do the same thing. They could even make it modular so you could get the basic unit and then add a clip on dac unit which would attach much like some of the aftermarket extended battery units to give a nicely integrated smallish listening device with decent capacity and great sound quality.
    This would truly be the king of all portable music devices.

    I for one would be prepared to drop good money on a device like this.

    The alternative is of course that sd cards or micro sd cards are released in a 256GB size at which point Apple would lose me as a customer and I'd shift to a google device such as the samsung galaxy note s2.

    Oh well I can dream
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    Not sure where you are located, but here is a link (http://www.ipodrepaircenter.com/) to a place that can upgrade your hdd on the classic. I wanted more space for mine as well and he upgrade it to a 500GB for me. Real smart guys. If not a good location, maybe phone him and he can tell you how to do it. Possibly mail it to him and get him to do. Very trustworthy. He might even be able to go bigger for you.
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    Well firstly let me say thank you very much for the tip. Thats precisely the sort of thing that I would be looking for. Sadly the company you mention is in Canada - I'm UK based. That said I'll take a look and see if they would do stuff internationally.

    Once again thank you.
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    I am sure you can find someone over in UK that can do it for you. It was the movies and programs I run on iPod that were killing me. I had mine done over 2 years ago and it cost me $250 CDN for 500GB to have it done. The guy even bought my old drive as it was still in perfect order. I would imagine 2 years later that they can get even bigger drives now. Check around, but, make sure you get someone reputable. I have never had a problem since getting it done. Glad to help.

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