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iPod Classic=Best iPod ever(period)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by G5Unit, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Who else agrees?

    40 hours of music playback

    7 hours of video playback

    160gb storage!

    I mean this thing is sooooo thin! It looks great, and works with iTunes.

    I personally bought the 16gb touch(for the screen), but I mean, the iPod touch is just the most competitive, best player on the market.
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    The contradiction in your post is very confusing. If the iPod classic is in fact the best "iPod ever (period)", then you would have gotten it. Actions speak louder than words...
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    I'm just being un-biased:)

    I also don't have 40,000 songs, really only about 1000-1500 I listen to.
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    Eric Lewis

    i dont understand the

    music playback/videos

    40:7 (160gig) so thats 5.7music per 1 hour video
    30:5 (80gig) so thats 6music per 1 hour video

    why is the 160gig less? im sure its like 7.5? they just made it say 7!
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    No thanks, I don't ever want to own a HD based unit again.

    They're just not as reliable long term.
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    Chupa Chupa

    Long term? It's not a washing machine. How long to do want it to last 10 years? I've owned every generation iPod and never had any issues during the time I owned them. I still have the original iPod. It still works!
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    I've had three generations of iPods and they always stop working...

    Flash for me...
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    A guy I work with went through four of them under warranty. I know, that's just one anecdotal case, but it does happen, and once you're out of warranty you're out of luck on a pretty expensive piece of gear.

    I'm not saying they will crash and burn, but overall flash based devices stay reliable and stand up to wear and tear longer. That is important to me. And I'm not interested in ten years, but I'd like to have confidence that it will still be working a year or two beyond applecare expiring.

    If you have owned every generation, what's the longest you've consistently used a single model? Have you been using the original iPod this whole time, or did it end up in your sock drawer after you upgraded?
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    Yea i was wondering if I should buy an 80 gig or a 8 gig nano, but this really made me make my decision. None of my old ipods work anymore, the hardrive just fails after a while. My 30 gig video is going alright now, but sum songs still freeze, and it is really irritating.
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    I really love the classic, 7 hours of video battery life and a 160GB HD, its like my dream iPod. Now my new dream iPod is a touch with a ton of storage, (The classic should last me 2 years though).
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    I don't like the way it looks, I know it's shallow and just an MP3 player, but I think the black 5.5G is still the best looking iPod.

    Still. I pretty much will need at least 160gb when I buy my next iPod. I'm at 158gb and climbing since the IT Crowd series 2 is on :eek:
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    whats the difference between the black 5.5G and the black 5G? The 6G ipods just have that aluminium finishing as the diff right?
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    c.mon, 500GB external HDD is now only $110.

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