iPod Classic Dilemma

Discussion in 'iPod' started by keeftone, Dec 30, 2011.

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    I'm thinking about buying an iPod dedicated just to music. I would really like to buy a Classic, but am having a dilemma due to the fact that it may either be upgraded soon OR discontinued. So the question is, do I get one and then get burned when they release a new one, or do I buy an existing model before it's phased out completely? I want a Classic because I have over 6,000 CDs so I won't even be purchasing music thru iTunes, and I get tired of dumping and reloading my smaller capacity iPods when I want different tunes.

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    The iPod Classic still works just fine, even if it gets upgraded or discontinued. Neither of those contingencies will affect your iPod Classic if you buy it.
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    It's doubtful it will be upgraded (or phased out) until September/October so if you need it buy it.
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    Just buy it. I use a Classic as well as it offers great storage for an affordable price. Getting a 64GB iPod Touch is too expensive IMO. Enjoy the new purchase! :cool:
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    I would buy the Classic. But with 6000 cd's you're gonna be swapping music back and forth anyway. What format did you use to rip? How much storage does 6000 cd's take up?

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