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iPod Classic firmware update soon?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cyburnclassic, Sep 9, 2008.

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    With the slightly updated iPod Classic released, with there be a new firmware update for the Genius controls?
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    Chupa Chupa

    Doubt it or SJ would have announced it today. I don't think Apple is going to be giving the Classic much love anymore. Why right now it's probably in the basement of Infinity Loop crying over a beer with Mac mini.
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    In the past features like search have not been ported back to previous generation iPods. I'd be amazed if they port this back. You want the new controls: buy a new iPod.
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    But surely theyre the same devices, just different capacity. It would be ridiculous if updates came to this classic and not the ones from last year. Just wouldnt make any sense at all... I think the old classics will get it when the new classic gets an update somewhere along the line.
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    That Sucks.
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    I think it's very unwise to assume that. I would personally assume that Apple have used the relentless march of technology to combine chips on the logic board to reduce costs and they are not the same internally.

    And as I said above the last time this happened with the 5G to 5.5G upgrades 5G owners were left in the cold.
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    Not entirely, they didn't get the search but they did get gapless playback and the scrolling.

    But no I don't think the existing Classic will be getting anything new. However, it would be good if they would fix the laggy interface and the random pauses that some users are reporting.
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    Considering 5g, classic and new classic ipods can all run the same games doesnt that show that they're all pretty much compatible with each other? I was under the assumption that the internal chips haven't actually changed that much at all since the 5.5, except maybe for the drop of video out with the classic or something it still has the same processor etc.
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    Thats a good point, if the new classic is as smooth as the new nano seems to be then id agree that something internally must have been properly changed seen as a number of firmware updates to the existing classic still hasnt made it run smooth 20% of the time (for me at least).
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    Unfortunately I doubt that the first classics will ever receive another update (or at least not one with genius etc). I love my 160g classic, and it would be great to have genius added, but I think Apple's pretty steadfast with the "feature-adding updates will be for the touch (paid) and iphone (essentially paid)".

    Very much the same as the search feature in the 5g/5.5g i'm afraid.

    I'd be happy if Apple finally smoothed out the interface on the first classics, my scroll wheel is jumpy and the interface altogether is much less smooth than any previous model.
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    Oh, I do love it when I'm totally incorrect!


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