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iPod Classic Unboxing Photos

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Karpfish, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Went to my local Apple Store(The Westchester,NY) today and luckily they had the silver 80GBs. I was considering the 160, but I was too anxious and wanted it then so I got the 80 :). Its really, really nice. I love the new interface. I would have loved the Touch, but 16Gb doesn't even cover my music, let alone my Videos. I really don't mind watching videos on the smaller screen and I like to have all my music with me all the time(I have an 8GB 2GB Nano for when I don't), so I went for this. I like it a lot. Now for pics, will some more later.



    Beatles :)

    Pretty Thin for 80GB



    Some More Photos:






    Even More Photos!!!! :)
    Watching 300


    And with the 2G Nano






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    Very nice:D:D:D

    Prof. :apple:
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    it came with the dock?
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    i didn't even think about them updating the Sync screen too.

    Seems like a from-the-ground-up interface update.

    Are the menu's smooth and spunky even w/ the content on the right side?
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    Na that's the older Universal Dock, it does come with an adapter for use in the Universal Dock, though, as all iPods(Not Shuffle I think) do.
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    nice. post a vid or more pics if possible
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    I couldn't tell you about the menus yet, its still syncing. I have quite a bit to sync. I'll take some pics of the interface when its done, I'm gonna pull a steve in my pics, you'll get it when you see them :)

    The new sync screen is cool though ;)
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    very nice. certainly makes me want to upgrade from my 5.5Gen 80gig
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    Looks great! :) I love the look of the Silver classic.

    What material is used for the display cover? Plastic? Glass?
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    I'm not sure, but it does have the "look" that the iPhone and iMac screens have. But I'm sure Apple would have noted if it had a glass screen.
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    Do the old docks allow you to output video from the iPod Classic? I am only saying this because the new dock is going to take another 3 weeks and I really want the ability to output video now.
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    I love it when people here post unpacking pics. That iPod looks really nice. It's more rounded than the previous ones? What iPod did you have before this one and how does it compare?

    I order the same one :D
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    Nice and all, but jesus has the iPhone interface made the iPod look like a total relic of the past.
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    one word.


    liking the new interface. makes me want to get one :'(
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    Could you post some pictures of it with your nano? I wanna get an idea for how skinny it is now.
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    What is that screen made out of? Plastic or Glass? Am I going to need the little slipcover that my iPod 5th Gen came with? (Cause it looks like it doesn't include a new one).
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    It sorta feels more rounded, but I don't think it actually is. The nano is in the car so I will do those a little later. For now you can check out the comparison with my dead 5G 60GB in the first post
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    That's great, after the bitterness has left from the Touch's lack of HD, I'm excited to pick this baby up. I'll probably get mine Saturday because i have school/work tomorrow. Nice shots Karpfish and congratulations.
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    Awesome... thanks for posting the pictures!
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    looks nicer than on the site. thanks for puttin those up.
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    Same here which is ridiculous.
    How do Apple do this? :(
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    Thanks for this!
    I've been hunting around for some "in-the-wild" pictures all day. Engadget and iLounge's preview shots just weren't doing it for me.
    I'm hoping a reseller around me will have it by Saturday; I'm getting more excited to pick up the 80GB :eek:
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    Are the new ipod classics going to be prone to scratching easily, especially on the back, like the older ipods?
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    OK, let's get a little anal , with a small a, here.

    The second word in each iPod's name is not capitalized


    We now return your to your unboxing goodness. :D
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    how does the coverflow do? Engadget says it's laggy.

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