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iPod Classic with Pioneer Car Stereo 5900iB

Discussion in 'iPod' started by GimmeSlack12, Sep 19, 2007.

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    So I just installed my new stereo in my SVT and the cd-i200 cable for Pioneer decks works just fine with my new 80gb iPod Classic. Figured it was worth noting this somewhere for people who are looking to adapt a stereo with one of the new iPods.
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    I'm new here so hello everyone... Unfortunately I have a problem with the new classic I have a Pioneer AVH P5900DVD fitted in my car and although the sound plays fine I can not get the videos to play. I have found out that this is down to apple locking down the TV out feature so it only works with the apple dock.!!:mad:

    I have purchased a apple universal dock and the video still does not play as you then need to use separate cables such as the Apple Composite AV Cable which does not work with the Pioneer AVH P5900DVD

    my 5th gen ipod works fine but apple have for some unknown reason locked the TV out function on the new 6th gen ipods :mad::mad:
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    I have a 2005/2006 Pioneer deck (model DEH-P670 MP). I want to directly connect my 6th generation iPod classic via the IP Bus. I ordered the CD-i200 cord through Pioneer but just decided to call them. The dude in customer service said that their cord won't work with the new iPod firmware. :eek:

    The original post here seems to disagree. Has anyone else used this?

    All that I want to do is hook up my iPod as an auxiliary music source.
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    Not sure why they claim the i200 cable won't work. My system works great. Initially there was a small issue regarding the iPod display data not updating, but that seems to have been fixed. Works exactly as advertised and my car audio sounds great.

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