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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Tulani, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Does anyone still as lucky to have owned this 160Gig storage music player? Despite it being a vintage device don't you think this has been one great gadget to come out of apple? Yes the one with the click dial in front.
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    IMO, the click wheel still remains to be one of the greatest hardware interfaces that Apple has ever created. Touch screens can be nice but the wheel was just plain intuitive.
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    I jealously keep mine like a piece of gold
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    I have mine and treat it like a gem. Have upgraded the HDD to 500GB as I store movies on mine as well. I almost use it like a portable HDD. Still the best iPod Apple ever made IMO.
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    How can one do an upgrade on it?
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    Own it and still use it! Very good option for carrying the whole library!
    Also I use it as my Portable HDD :p
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    You will need to find an iPod repair centre and ask. The HDD's are available and just need to be exchanged in it. Cost me about $250 CDN to do it. These guys did it for me. http://www.ipodrepaircenter.com/
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    I couldn't agree more with this. For an mp3 player, click wheel is essential, this is why I've held on to my 80GB iPod classic -- I'm never letting go of this thing. The click wheel is so intuitive, and since I've been using it for over 6 years, it feels like second nature to me. I much prefer click wheel for an mp3 player than I do touch screen. Plus the clickwheel essentially defined the iPod
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    Yes, I, too, still have my 80GB iPod, treasured and used on an almost daily basis. When I'm travelling, it accompanies me everywhere I go. A design classic, and (to my mind) pretty much irreplaceable.
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    65 days plus .....on continuous music play when full. You don't even need to repeat any song for that long
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    I still have my 60 gig iPod Photo from 2004. It works great. I had an issue about 3 years ago with it as it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. So I bought a new one and threw the old one in a drawer. I found it about a year ago and started messing with it. Come to find out the 30 pin dock connector had lifted off the circuit board. So I ordered a broken ipod on ebay for $10, removed that 30 pin connector and soldered it to my old iPod. Now it works like a champ. I replaced the battery and LCD screen at the same time and now it's like new.
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    New Classic

    Those in wait for an updated Classic can be assured of its imminent arrival.
    I just ordered a silver current version for my wife for Christmas.
    Better to get the superb Click Wheel before Apple has an opportunity to make it "thinner" a la 2012 iMac and do away with the Click Wheel or any other of its timeless characteristics.
    Expressions of gratitude appreciated but not required:D
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    I'd love to see the Classic, well, stay classicky, but get a little love. It'd be awesome if they threw in a wifi app, not for a full web experience like on the iPad, just for some basic internet apps- like weather, wifi syncing, auto-time updating, and AppleTV integration. If they kept everything exactly as is but added that I would RUN to buy it. I'd also buy a 128gb flash version if they made a Classic like that. LONG LIVE THE CLICK WHEEL! Touch screens just don't beat the click wheel in the car or with blind controls in the dark at night when I want to keep the bright screen hidden under the covers.
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    I have the late 2006 5.5 80gb Video the one with 64mb ram. I know mine is the only ipod to officially support the 240gb Toshiba drive. And according to the website you posted. I guess I will to mail them, I'd really love a 500gb iPod, does it have a significant impact on battery life ?
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    No difference in battery life at all. But I believe I have an exceptional Classic. I have never had a problem with my battery, but I also use it mostly in a dock player or connected to my radio in the car. I have no knowledge about any other iPods as I have only ever owned the classic. Give them a call first at the link I supplied and they may have a bigger HDD than they have listed. Guys are really knowledgable at that place. That is how I found out they had a 500 GB HDD for my classic. Mind you, a 240 GB HDD is still pretty good. That's a lot of music.
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    Thank you. I will mail them for more info.
    Trust me, I am a music freak but being able to have your entire music colection in those long car journeys and in general in your pocket is a feature more important than all those new Apple cloud data fields ;) (for me anyway).
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    Oh do I agree with you on that point. Apple called it a classic for a reason. Mine will never go out of style. It is the best traveling companion you could ask for. I do a lot of hiking in the Rocky Mountains and that is when I really appreciate it. Got all my music and a lot of movies for when I set up camp at night. Good luck with iPod Centre. Smart people there.
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    Love mine too! I was happy to hear a salesman at the Apple Store tell me that these still sell very well.
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    my old 160gig was dying... i went to the apple store and told them the battery was dying (which was also teh case) but it hardly responded anymore.. the clickwheel you had to press really hard... and for 55 bucks i got a refurb... a new one, a thinner one... happy as a dog! God i oove that machine.... especially on those long 12 hour intercontinental flights
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    From the "Big" iPods, I have a 40 GB 4th Gen, and an 80 GB 5.5 Gen. Love them both, but I use the 5.5 Gen more.
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    Yeah, the 5.5G is the best iPod (at least classic) IMO.

    the click-wheel feels bigger and much more responsive than my ex-160gb Classic, it has the search function with a much brighter screen and I prefer the polycarbonate to aluminium when ot comes to iPods.

    It also is critically viewed as the one with the best Sound Quality.
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    I have a 120 Gig that was acting up recently. I have asked for a new 160 gig for Xmas from my wife.

    I wish it was SDD and not HDD but I have 100+gig of music and I love having my entire collection on me when I need it.

    Now for a decent case for the classic?
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    Here is a link to the company where I got a case for my classic. http://www.iskin.com/ They are called iSkin. I use the iSkin claro for my classic. My classic which is a few years old looks like the day I bought it. They have many other cases to choose from. Check them out, you may find something that could work for you.
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    I LOVE MINE. One of the best iDevices Apple has ever produced :)
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    Anyone know of any reputable replacement centres in the Toronto area?

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