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iPod: Core of a new Apple? Digital music player has been tou...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 18, 2004.

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    Alright, I hunted about for articles on Dell, MS and H-P to see if I could find any worst case scenarios being promulgated and achieving headline status for any of these companies. Even the Euro MS case did not cause writers to proffer such a gloomy picture as this article about Apple's future (and forget Enderle's drivel of yesterday). It seems that there is a plethora of writers just waiting to pick up on an Apple set-back and say "Ah hah, at last, my predictions about its demise are coming true- even if it's at looong last!" It is indeed an odd thing that one company has attracted so much vitriol, while for the most part has done nothing more than been the vanguard of the computer industry and improved the lot for ALL computer users!
    Certainly Apple deserves some criticism for its reluctance to get aggressive about its marketplace share... that too seems odd as almost all companies blow their bags about something or another that will be coming out and thus making them the best in that area. Gosh, look at Dell and where is their ingenuity- effective telemarketing of suboptimal computers perhaps? But they are in your face all the time and that surely is helping them sell their computers. Apple's off-beat ads and its silence about its real virtues really irritates me as I am left with the sense that the company doesn't care whether it grows or not (despite what it says) and perhaps THAT is the negative angst that the crtics are picking up, subconsciously or otherwise, and using that to bash Apple. Perhaps, in the end, some Apple-bashing might be a good thing! It might one day take notice and we might actually see, on TV through useful advertising, what the Mac experience can do and why it's better than the competition. That would be a true Apple innovation.
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    I find it amazing that with every MS virus out there creating major security issues for MS everybody continues to applaud MS's efforts on inbeing the only computer system to use, but when Apple comes out with a fantastic peice of innovation for a system that is virus free everybody says that they cannot sustain it and will be beaten by the competition.

    Interesting concept....
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    It's essentially correct that a slip up could put Apple back into the hot water. The fact is that Apple needs everything to go smoothly to keep going. Why they don't go after a bigger market is a significant mystery. With the original iMac, they captured a lot of new computer users, but what did they do with them? Nothing. The iPod battery and the iBook motherboard debacles should have been handled swiftly but they waited. Apple builds wonderful software and hardware but they don't seem to like the consumer, only the consumer's money. When was the last time anyone from Apple called you to ask how you were doing?
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    theres a simple answer to the question can apple keep it going.


    the hp deal is positive step and a sign of things to come.
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    Peecee makers keep using Intel though Intel's current chip prospects are rather uncertain right now... yet you don't hear the peecee luser weenie press going "Is Intel in trouble?" or "Should peecee's go to IBM 970..." it's always "Apple" this and "Apple" that in some negative light, that they're dead, dying, goners... and like the previous person mentioned, M$ and the lackluster craptacular peecee industry makes sh**ty machines that, mostly, are weak at best immitations of what? Right... APPLE computers, yet they get all the slack in the world. All this just has to be filed under the "People are INCREDIBLY gullible, dumb, chumps, and stupid category."
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    Microsoft is a marketing company whose job is to put a great spin on selling software to the masses and they are the best in the world at it. It doesnt matter what the quality of the software they just have to sell it/market it/make sure they have enough to meet demand etc

    Apple is a hardware/software company that makes the best products on the market (for the minority) They are just starting to realise that marketing and production and supply of suitable quantity are also important in the equation.
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    Funny you should ask. I had an Apple rep. call me about a month a go and ask the exact same question. He wanted to know how everything was going? I didn't have anything to harp about but I did ask him for a free G5;-)) He just laughed. Anyone else getting calls from Apple.

    mT :p

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