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iPod coulor, album art

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JD92, Jul 17, 2005.

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    I'm having another problem with my iPod w/colour screen. When I play a song I've bought from the iTMS, it gives the name, artist and album, with the album art to the left of the info, but if it's a song I've ripped from one of my CDs, then it only shows the artist, album and song name, no pictures :( . I've tried adding the album art to the songs from iTunes by pressing the little arrow at the bottom left of the window, and the picture of the album shows in iTunes, but not on the iPod. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Don't know which arrow you mean -- the way to add artwork is to find the picture somewhere (Amazon, Allmusic, etc.) and then drag it into the cover artwork box, having first highlighted the track in iTunes.

    As far as I know, CD files do not contain the cover art.

    Once it's in iTunes, it will go to your iPod the next time you sync.
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    yeah, I know, I was talking about the arrow you click to bring up the artwork box. Anyway, I know that CDs dont have artwork, I've dragged the artwork to the box from the internet and the pictures for the CDs shows up in iTunes, but they dont show up on the iPod

    EDIT: might it be something to do with the pic's resoloution? what res. is the album art from iTMS?
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    it should just sync

    if you put album art on a song its only for that song and not the whole album. get a program called "clutter". it finds the album art and then you can apply the pic to the whole album so each song has the same art. i use it all the time and have all the covers to all my ripped albums. with each sync your ipod will get the art for each song. i have a 40gb photo and no problems with this at all. Hope this helps.
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    I use clutter
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    Another vote for Clutter.... helped me get album art for literally hundreds of my CDs with very little hassle
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    I vote for the Fetch Art iTunes plugin. Its free and easy.

    I would have thought display on an iPod screen would be fairly resolution independant, as the iPods only got a small colour screen hasnt it. Very strange. Maybe worth a mention over at iPodLounge
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    OK, I'll give clutter and fetch art a try

    Yep, Fetch Art has done the trick, thanks!
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    Before you dabble with these programs...

    ....have you done what it says on pp18-19 of the manual?:


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