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Discussion in 'iPod' started by homerjward, Jul 13, 2005.

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    k, my ipod had been sitting, unlistened to, for some time, and when i tried to sync it with my pc, it said there was no software (iTunes helper said that.) i didn't have time to restore it which was my first impulse, so i figured i'd just standby my machine. i put it in standby, then as soon as it went off it immediately turned on with *all* fans at full tilt. i tried to standby again from the windows login screen. it bsod'd. okay, i figured, must not like the slight OC i'd just given it (210x11 as opposed to 200x11) so i reset the bios to defaults, etc. and restarted, then shut down. as soon as it shut down, it started up again! i realized it was my ipod being connected over firewire that was causing this! i took my ipod out, then standby'd it. i plugged my ipod in this afternoon to restore it and put some music on, and i did, but now it boots to a folder with an exclamation point and it keeps boot-cycling (apple screen, then whiny, incredible loud hard drive, almost like a fan, then folder-exclamation thing, then spin down, then repeat. ive reset it but it keeps doing that and i cant turn it off. i guess ill just wait for it to run out of batteries...but what do i do now?

    apologies if this has been posted before...
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    no one knows? if something's seriously wrong i could maybe get to the barton creek apple store this weekend :eek:
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    thanks, man.
    i took all the steps it said already and it still gets that. i guess the poor guy's dead :( good thing i sprang for applecare though. would taking it to a reseller be ok? i have one right down the street from me. i mean as opposed to bringing it to an apple store.
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    Generally Applecare is only done by certified Apple techs. Apple, as of right now, is out of 40 Gig Click wheel and Pink iPod mini parts for replacement. What you might run into is an Apple reseller that won't even deal with it. You may have to send it in if there's no Apple store near you.

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