iPod DIED :-O

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Eckslusive, Mar 12, 2003.

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    Today, my 5gb iPod died. I plugged it in to charge overnight and it worked fine when I was on the bus, in the first class at school. But for second class it just died! So I ran to a mac lab and i plugged in a Firewire cord and see if it would "jumpstart" :)D), well it didn't do anything. So it just died. and it wasn't being banged around or anything. I had it in my pocket, and i was SITTING in class. Not like I was running around.
    Why am i telling you this?
    1) Cause I felt like it
    2) Cause I wanted to know if the warrenty covers this?
    Oh by the way, i had this ipod since 01/12/03.
    When I said died, i meant died...it doesn't even show up the apple icon nor does it connect with the computer (itunes, mounted on desktop)
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    That has happened to me several times on my iPod. You can reset your iPod to see if that works. Simply press and hold the top and bottoom scrool wheel ( Menu- Start/Pause ). If it still fails to start, Apple is very good at their warranty. Do you live close to an Apple Store? Just go to their Genius Bar. Good luck!
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    I didn't know they were so buggy. Are there a lot of complaints like this?
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    I've had my 20gb since october and I use it about an hour or two per day. I've only had to reset it once but i have lost my collection a few times when i disconnected early :)
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    I think i have restarted my iPod twice every month, but in the past weeks it has been a good boy. :)
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    I've never had a problem with my 10GB iPod with touchwheel. Never had to reset it, never even had to use the iPod Utility on it. Guess I'm lucky...

    iBook's another story, though.
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    I just recieved my 4rth ipod. (5GB)
    recharged the battery to maximum and it only played for 7 hours straight. And that's without the headphons plugged in.
    I find that totally unacceptable. And they will hear from me again VERY soon.
    I love the ipod but I just want 1 that works properly.
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    I'm beginning to think that the 5GB iPod is 'buggy". I bought my iPod when it was first launched a little over a year ago and I've had replaced 6 times! Always the same problem: "Battery Charge"....
    Apple has been very good about backing up their product and I get it replaced within a week. Im' thinking of getting the 10GB since im running out of space on my 5GB
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    I got my 5gb over a year ago

    I had no problem so far, works great. Didn't had not even a single problem so far.
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    There must be something mystical about these iPods. All these problems yet you look towards buying a new one.

    Perhaps if I had the money to buy one, I might understand.
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    Just remember some people who have problems post loudly about them and then others repeat what has been said until things are all out of proportion.
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    you probably have to do a hard reset. ive seen many people who thought their ipod was broken and all you had to do was hold the top and bottom buttons. these ipods are very tough though. ive dropped mine on concrete, ive ever saved an ipod that was dropped in water.

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    okay...all of a sudden now, when i plugged the ipod back into the computer, it works...NOW WHAT IS GOING ON? How come when i plugged it in last time it didn't work?!
    This is crazy...should i send it back so it can get fixed or what? What should I do..?
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    probably a software glitch. hold on to it. if it keeps it up then send it back.

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    okey dokey. Thanks everyone.

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