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ipod DIY's

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mr_Brightside_@, Oct 18, 2005.

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    is there any way to cancel an order after it has arrived? long, long story. thankx
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    I hope I understood you right. Cancelling order would be impossible as the order has "arrived", you can return it though, right?
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    no, c, someone told purolator that they dont know who i am
    now i can't open any more requests...
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    Wait, what?
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    Remember kids, don't drink and post.
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    Good point.

    Really though, what are you trying to ask? Are you trying to cancel payment after receiving the iPod?
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    noooo purolator has the box for my ipod with which i want to send it back in. it has been more than five days so they probly got rid of it. how can i tell apple to close that order so that i can reorder it?
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    First thing...sleep it off man. Whatever it is you are on....it is not good for you.

    Second after you sober up think about what the heck it is you need. I have very little clue. I'd call Purolator with a tracking number maybe...and see where it is. They have a cancel shipment link right on their main web page. The internet is a wonderful thing. Use it.

    Then call Apple I guess.

    PS. The SHIFT key is your friend. Use it.

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