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ipod earphone covers

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by seebol, Jul 31, 2004.

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    The black covers on my ipod earphones keep coming off...I already lost one cover. Is there anyway to keep them on? Do other people just use their earphones w/o any covers? what is the purpose of the covers?

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    earwax? haha mutiple users would suck without those things. i dont use them.
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    The purpose of them are to help the buds stay in your ears. After having my iPod for a few months, I only keep the white 'phones around for the rare occasion that I don't have good ones nearby.
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    Can those cover things be bought? Over the year that I've had my iPod, I've lost one or two, but I've always had spares that came with the iPod. But I may have just lost my last two recently--I'm staying with my grandparents and they have a few cats...and the cats found the earphones...need I say more? The earphones are fine but the black covers are nowhere to be seen.
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    You can buy covers that work at Radio Shack...they are pretty much the same and you can get a set of 5 for like 3 bucks or something
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    k thanks.
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    Funny you should post about this, I've lost all my earphone covers for the two iPods I've owned. They look good, more comfortable... guess you just have to be careful.
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    use the ear phones without the covers, listen to the sound... use the ear phones with the covers (blocking the little holes) and notice the bass increase :eek:
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    the first ipod I had, I had the same problem, so I just glued the covers to the earbuds. It worked like a charm.
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    i know that people may not want to buy new earphones and you don't have to if you can get the covers. But every time i've bought a walkman or something similar i've always had to buy earphones. The ones that they supply just aren't all that great, and I don't think that the case is any different with the iPod. People just use the white earphones because it looks cool and they want everyone to know that they have an iPod, its a style icon. Me, I'd use my sony noise reducing earphones, work like a charm. oh yeah and if i had an iPod in London I wouldn't use the white earphones for one reason alone: I don't want to get mugged :eek:
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    The covers also help with getting the sound into the ear. I have read reports that say covers on ear-buds improve bass and response.

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