Ipod-esque car stereo - anybody in with me?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by gelbin, Oct 14, 2002.

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    I think someone would make a real killing and a great product at the same time if they make a hard drive based car stereo. It would basically be like a stereo shell with a removable drive/or ipod, that you take in, load up with music, and put it in the the dash. it would be pretty simple to make a receptical for the ipod to power and take the line out of the ipod. i think it would rock.
    i mean, i know you can get car adapters a-la discmen, but a more complete unit would be great.

    if anyone is in with me, let's do it (any business majors who can't find jobs out there??)

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    Re: Ipod-esque car stereo - anybody in with me?

    Somebody custom built one already. I think it was posted to www.xlr8yourmac.com.

    Basically they built an interface for an on board computer (powerbook) into the dash so the iPod could just be shoved into a slot and have it plug in.
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    well, there needs to be something commercially available and not much more than an in dash cd player of decent quality...
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    This might be doable if you somehow make the iPod compatible with the Rio car MP3 Hard drive or the new Sony CD/MP3/Hard drive. The Sony doesn't actually use MP3 it uses Atrac. The same format that it used to create Mini-Discs. Also you can't put a disc of MP3s or Atrac format songs in it and transfer to the hard drive. It has to rip it from the cd. Or you can transfer the songs in Atrac format via Sony Memory Sticks.

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