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iPod Evolution - Now Available for Preorder

Discussion in 'iPod' started by musicpenguy, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Please forgive the self promotion here, but I'm rather excited to share that my book - iPod Evolution (iBooks Author created) is now available for preorder in the 50 countries iBooks content is sold.

    It is being released to coincide with Macworld/iWorld (which I'll be at) on January 31st.

    It is launching at a special intro price for Macworld and will go up a few dollars next month.

    I've been working on this book for the past year and buying up every iPod Apple's ever made to do the in-depth research involved for this book. The book will continue to evolve with new videos, photos, and content as time goes on. The current book is 268 pages and covers how the iPod and its ecosystem has changed and evolved over this past decade.

    I wrote this book because I hadn't seen a book that went as in-depth and touched on the topics I do. I think many of the people on this forum will be interested to read it.

    Here is a link to the preorder page in the USA - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/ipod-evolution/id590412329?mt=11

    Thanks for your time and again sorry for the self promotion,

    Tim Chaten
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    Pre ordered. Screenshots look good. Can't wait for the book to be released.

    Don't want to be disappointed :p
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    Thanks! - it is currently being reviewed by TUAW and the Mac Observer and the feedback I'm getting so far is positive - looking forward to all the feedback when it comes out.
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    Alright! Can't wait.


    I've never really made a preorder. Does it just download to my ipad when it's available and bill me?
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    Ok, its preordered now! Looks nice :)
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    Thanks - really excited to get this out the door and work on the many updates to the book I've got planned. Lots of supplemental content that didn't quite make it in time for version 1.
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    TUAW's Review

    I wanted to let everyone know that TUAW has posted their review of iPod Evolution.

    Here is a link to the review:

    "All in all, iPod Evolution is a great resource for anyone who owns or collects iPods, or who is interested in the history of this now relatively neglected Apple family member. Chaten writes in a friendly, conversational style that is very readable. While the book may not appeal to everyone, iPod Evolution is certainly the definitive history and reference for the iPod family."

    - Steve Sande (TUAW)
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    Android version?

    Will this be available on Google Books for Android phones and tablets? It would look great on the NExus 10.
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    At this time no - it was created with iBooks Author and the book works much better in landscape and the aspect ratio that the iPad has.

    I may work on other versions of the book for different readers, but for now its iPad only - I also like the ease of pushing out updates to the book over the iBookstore
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    Looks great - I will have a look at it :)
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    Great thanks - looking forward to all of the feedback from those that get a chance to read it - been working on this for more than a year now
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    Will definitely be getting this when I get my iPad, hopefully sometime later this year.

    How easy was iBooks Author to use? Haven't really looked into it, is any coding required or is it drag and drop?

    All in all though, looks a great book :)
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    Great - enjoy your iPad when you get it - can't imagine life without it (had one since 2010)

    As far as iBooks Author - very easy to use - no coding required - you are able to code up special widgets if you are technically equipped, but I was able to create everything without needing any coding knowledge.

    It was also fairly simple to prepare the book for the iBookstore - all in all a great process.
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    MyMac.com's Review

    The second review of iPod Evolution is now up on MyMac.com - you can read it here:


    "iPod Evolution is presented across more than 250 pages containing interesting reflections, thoughts, facts, and photographs. The level of detail amazed me. No stone is left unturned and I even had to go and double check some facts that I had no recollection of. Trust me when I say this doesn’t happen often with an Apple related book ... Overall, iPod Evolution is an amazing book and if you have any interest in the iPod and its subsequent history, you are well advised to pick this title up immediately. Therefore, I am awarding iPod Evolution a MyMac.com review rating of 9 out of a possible 10."

    Mark Greentree - MyMac.com
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    Cool - thanks for the info!

    Our household does have a couple of iPads which we all share, but will wait until I have enough to buy my own one as I don't get to use them that often. I couldn't imagine not having them either :p

    Would love a retina mini this year, but we'll have to see, eh?
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    I'm betting we don't see Retina on the mini until generation 3 - I would happily be wrong though - mini is still on my list of things to buy ...
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    A Call for Photos - eBook Use

    (Accidental post)

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