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iPod flash photo on amazon?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ProjektJ, Dec 24, 2004.

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    taken from the iPod dock on amazon.
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    OLD NEWS :)
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    omg it's a 3g ipod with the top taken off shock f**king horror. :rolleyes:
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    Yes, VERY OLD. Look at the buttons too.. that's the OLD 3G iPod.
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    Yeah, I posted the image on the iPod Mini speculation thread, just for kicks. It's strange that they Photoshopped an iPod, but that's just what it is.
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    Sure that's Photoshop, not, um... MS Paint?
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    Very bad photoshop job, it shows...

    And if you look at amazon they use it to sell the DOCK not 'suggesting ' anything like a flashpod...
    they photoshopped the top because people would realise they buy teh dock, not the iPod itself... I don't see why they didn't just took a picture from a stand alone Dock without iPod in it at the time...

    open your eyes and use that imagination with care :p

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    So, in summary...

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    look its the new Flashpod! the Flashback Pod! looks like Eighties but is +2000 tech :p hihi and it fits into normal old casseteplayers, wich is cool for people like me who bought an old radio for their cars since CD-radio's get stolen all the time... thnx Steve for thinking about us poor people :p
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    Nice... but aren't floppies kinda like flash drives too? :confused:

    And this thread should hopefully die out now, seeing as it got macro-ed. :eek:

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