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ipod for $40???

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by theipodgod16, Oct 21, 2003.

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    at my comp usa, i have an extended warrenty covering my 2nd gen 10gb ipod. The guy says that i can upgrade to a 20gb for free, basically, he will send mine back to apple to be refurbished and resold, and will give me a new 20gb. There is nothing wrong with my ipod as is, but those new features are tempting. I wanna know, what you would do in the same situation? do you consider this ripping apple off, or is this comp usa's problem? state your opinion
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    It sounds like you paid CompUSA for some protection plan when you bought your iPod. Apple may give them some credit for the old unit, but the brunt of the cost belongs to CompUSA (or whomever backs the protection plan)>

    I say go for it.
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    yes i did buy a $40 protection plan, just to upgrade my ipod. now i am having second thoughts about it.....BTW, i dont need the space, i just feel left out of all these new features that keep coming out:(
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    You want the new features, then go for it. I have a 10GB first generation and if I could get a new iPod for only $40, I would be doing that without any additional thought.
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    thanks for your input, i think i will go ahead, unless arn comes in with something to change my mind (again) heh
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    Might as well give your user name at least a hint of justice.
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    I went from a scroll wheel 10GB to a 20GB to a new 30GB iPod with the CompUSA warranty. Definitely do it...it'll be worth it, especially with all the added accessories of the dock connector.
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    Hmm...wife has a 2nd gen 10 gig and a Comp USA warranty. Just for fun, how could one sabotage an iPod to convince Comp USA it's broken. Unplug it while restoring? Harmless but looks real bad.
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    Seems a sweet deal, sounds like you've already made your decision.
    I don't think it'd be a rip on anyones behalf, see it as customer benefits.

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