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Ipod G5 60GB with iSkin Evo3 black

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ramzeva, Dec 30, 2005.

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    recieved my iskin evo3 today, took some photos if anyone wants to see the quality.. noticed a lot of posts regarding this.

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    yeah it looks dirty, it comes like that.. thats black and rubber for you.

    most of the front is a clear hard plastic, the quality is excellent.
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    is that a 60GB? it looks pretty thick....if not, i'm impressed that iskin made the evo3 so thick, and seemingly sturdy (like a duo?)

    EDIT nevermind; just saw the post title. anybody have pix of a 30gb?
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    Does the 60 with the evo fit in the dock? I just bought the Agent 18 and it won't work that way. Ugh. I love the look of the A18 more than the evo but I need docking capability.
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    I read somewhere it would still fit in the dock, however I do not own a dock to try out. The flap that covers the docking port might be in the way also.
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    It does work just fine in the Universal Dock. The flap flips in the right direction to allow it to still make a connection.
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    just a little ;)
    They made the black ipod and black skin look so nice on their site... anyone got a picture of the clear/white/what ever color they call it? I ordered that for mine
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    Thanks for the pics. It's quite ugly for a cover IMHO. The zCover manages the same job more elegantly.
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    how does one clean the iskin, according to their website it says
    so is that like dawn...:confused:

    My first impression is that its makes the ipod a lot thicker even without the clip. I CAN'T use my JBL onstage cause the case is too freakin big and i can't take it out from the clickwheel because of the hard plastic thing. Also the hold switch part is coming off after 2 days of use.
    I got mine in white, i'll post a pic tomarrow
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    pics of the artic

    some pics, this thing collects lint like crazy

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    yeep the black one looks fugly. Thanks for the pics though. I dont think i'll be buying any rubber skins for sure

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