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iPod Harddrive

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Patmian212, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Hi all,
    Today my 3g 10gb ipod cracked(frontside, so it is unusable as an ipod). I removed the 10gb toshiba drive from inside the ipod. I am 90% it still works.
    I wanted to know the posssible uses for this drive and is it possible to use it as a portable hardrive for my future laptop? Does it need a power source?(I only have usb)
    I dont know much about the harddrive and what it can be used for so I would like to know some possible uses and what pieces or equipment I would need to make use of the drive.
    The conector for the drive looks like this from the front:


    Little holes with to bigger ones on the side.
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    I think they say to never open or expose the ipod product. The battery is supposidly pretty bad to be opened and such. I don't know if you should go in there and start pulling things out. But that would be great if you could still use it.
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    Maybe you can use the new BittyDock from WiebeTech.
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    Thats cool
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    Anyone know any other uses?

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