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iPod has arrived

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by sweetaction, Nov 9, 2001.

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    OK this iPod is just sick. Wow. The headphones sound amazing. I usually hate buds. But I was listening to Blank Wave Arcade from the Faint and was hearing sounds I had never heard come out of the iMac. I was walking around to see if any of my flatmates had their stereos on.

    In about 15 minutes I had 837 songs on here. It took me a little longer because I was dragging and dropping. (I have like 2100 mp3s so I had to be picky, poor me!) I didnt get the whole 1000 on their because I encode mp3s at the highest setting. Still, over 800 highest quality mp3s is fine with me.

    The jog dial is so sexy. Dang playa! You gotta love how easy that this is.

    The backlight is almost white. Very easy to see things.

    I dont know what else to say. I am going to hit the shower and then roll down to the coffee shop. I'll see how it works plugged into one of the discman tape adapters in the car. Rad.

    Post questions if you have any.

    (i started a new thread. ending the en route, for it has arrived)
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    Yeah I got my game on. Dont forget that you have to be in the "About" menu to play the game. Once you are in there you hold the action button down for a few and it starts. Ok getting coffee and trying it in the Jetta via the tape adapter.
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    I am trying not to sound like a prick

    OK the car adapter action was sweet. Threw it on the seat next to me and hit shuffle. I think I may need to squeeze in a road trip this winter.

    The packaging (like the box it comes in) is pretty cool. Its a cube with an outer sleave that slides off (like the older Adobe software boxes) Inside is a sliver cube. This cube cracks open, splitting in half and hinges at the center of the opposite side. Inside everything is packed in a medical fashion. The headphones and the little softcovers for the buds are in individually sealed packets. Like those individual pill packs you get from the nurses office. And everything is wrapped in protective plastic to avoid scratching.

    Man. I got work to do... must... ignore... toy...
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    Ok. I'm getting one tomorrow from the Apple Store (Tysons Corner) and I'm wondering just how you deal with the iPod if you've got much more than 5GB of MP3's. I've got 7GB or so and am wondering if the iPod is going to start automatically sucking songs off my Mac when I connect, or if you must explicitly drag and drop playlists to the iPod.

    Is there an ALL playlist that is some sort of default that comes in automatically if you've got less than 5GB of music? Seems it will be a hard task to pick and choose constructively of my 7GB, just what to put on the iPod.

    What if you drag a song onto the iPod that's already there--does it look for this action, etc?

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    too much music

    I chose to not have it automatically update. And I kinda lost track of which songs made it on and which ones did not. I was taking songs off and then when i put duplicates back on it didnt put the same song on their twice.

    Cool like that. The roommates are messing with it now. Just getting it into the hands of people will sell these iPod. Go Apple store!

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    rofl im glad i dont have my music collection on a mac right now. i have over 20GB of mp3's lololol. the only reason i dont have more is because i could never afford storage. my bro has about 100GB worth of stuff.

    we were around in the beginning of it all, and that is nice to say. napsta lamers can die...wait, they did.
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    i got mine saturday morning & 2 words:

    iPod rocks!

    I only have a few hundred mp3s on there now - and this thing is amazing!!! tons of space left on there so i can use it to transfer files from work/home without a hitch.

    One thing i did: 1st time i used it, i didn't "eject" the iPod, but rather just disconnected it. An alert came up telling me data was lost, etc. The thing was hung up in Firewire mode. ****.

    Press the menu and play buttons down for about 10 secs and the thing resets itself (reboots) and all was fine. i did miss a few of the last songs i put on it, but in about 5 secs they were back on there.

    i can't wait to use this at work tomorrow - no need to use my wireless headphones anymore. no need to be attached to a set of speakers (via headphones) or to a CD-box. i'll just walk around the office with non-stop sweet music in my pocket.

    DAMN! this is so sweet. I will add a bunch of playlists tomorrow too - from iTunes 2 running on OS9.2 - I guess it's gonna ask me if it should associate itself with this new machine or something. Not quite sure yet. but i can't wait to see it fired up at work!

    Kudos Apple!

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