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Discussion in 'iPod' started by dukebound85, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Am I a little paranoid or is this not normal. When I use my ipod, I can hear the hard drive making noises from a good foot from my ears. This only happens when I play a new song or movie. I know the hard drive is being used and as a result will make some noise, but I am worried that its making more than it should. Yea, hopefully I am just paranoid after buying a 400 dollar gadget. Thanks
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    Yeah, that's normal. If you can hear a bit of whine and a bit of chattering from a couple feet away, it only means that you haven't blown your ears out yet.
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    My ipod makes noises too, I shoud be normal. Its just the hd spinning up.
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    I dropped my 2G 20GB iPod. The noise from the HD can be heard from 10 meters away. The newer iPods, notably the 4G that I have, are really quiet. I can't hear it from more than a few feet away. If you can hear it from across a room, you should start worrying.

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    Thanks for the responses, I am now feeling better than 15 min ago lol

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