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iPod headphone port defence?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by harveypooka, Dec 26, 2007.

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    I accidently washed my Shuffle in a 40 degree wash, so I'm getting an iPod Classic in the next few days after.

    The thing that breaks on iPods (for me anyway) is the headphone port. The 3.5MM connector on my headphones twists around in the iPod headphone port and eventually wears the contacts down.

    Does anyone know of a protector type device? Something that'll fit snugly in the port that costs less than a replacement iPod? Or a case that has a protector built in?
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    Never heard of anything that would do that. Your best bet is to watch where you are twisting your headphone cable. :)
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    Yeah, but look at the monster!

    You can get underwater cases that have (obviously) a waterproof 3.5MM input which would do but they're about £50.

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    What an idiot I am!

    A remote control will save the iPod's port being wrecked!
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    Wow, never heard of that either but I guess they are out there somewhere.

    Would you really want to buy a radio remote for the iPod, it's one of the worse products that Apple has ever made. Trust me I have one. :cool:
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    My first iPod (second generation if I recall) had a remote included. And a case. And a cleaning cloth. And a charger.

    But the cheap gits at Apple decided to cut costs and not give any of that anyway anymore. So when you buy an iPod and remark at how cheap it is, just think at what they're leaving out...

    In an ideal world I'd rather not get one, but I've ordered one. The radio will be handy and so will the remote, but at £35 - it's a bloody rip off!
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    If I knew that in US dollars then I might agree. :cool:
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    That's no deal. It only costs $49 here in the US.

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