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Ipod Help please (4g 20GB) (WIN)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Tarem, Jun 11, 2007.

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    So, my ipods broken.

    First off, it won't connect to my computer. (I can force it into disk mode, but it won't show up. Last time it showed up, it said it was corrupted, and i tried to restore it, but it locked up my computer.) I wish it would show up, so i could format it.

    Before it did this, when it tried to play a song, it wouldn't play very much, and just skip and stop and lock up.

    Every time it tries to start, it shows a folder with a Exclamation mark. You can hear the hardrive/processor in it start working, then click and stop everytime it tries to start up.

    I put it into diagnostic mode, and most say pass, but it does say "USBFAIL" on the 5 in 1.

    Its been in HDD TEST for the last half hour, and i can hear something happening to it in the HD.

    Personally, i think the HD is corrupted, but i'm not sure yet. I've been working on it the last 2 days, and i think i'm going to open it up and see what i can do soon.

    Any help would be greatfull.

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    Sounds like a broken hard drive. Mine did the same thing and it got replaced.
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    ya, but i don't have the money to do that... i've got to find a way to fix it myself, or format the hardrive or something.
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    If it won't mount and is making strange clicky sounds, chances are it's probably dead.

    If you can find a replacement hard drive, there are guides available for how to replace it.

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