iPod helped turned around Apple: Dell CFO

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Ah, but they still get in a dig:

    Is that the expensive Mac mini? Or maybe the expensive iMac G5 with iSight? Or...?
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    .. bearing in mind that Dell and the others offer cheaper budget machines, the Mini-Mac and iMacs are expensive. I wouldn't call the Macs budget by any stretch
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    Dell seems pretty desperate to sell those DJ... :eek: (or should it be :cool:? :D )
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    OS X and iTunes/iPods are what turned Apple around.

    Get iTunes for Windows -> get an iPod -> get a Mac, ditch Windows.
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    You said it. Cheap machines. By cheap you mean crap basically. I couldn't agree more.

    However if you're saying that a Dell Dimensions 3000 Celery [sic] lowest end machine with only a shared graphics card, a CD (read only) drive which comes with no productively software costing $349 running Windoze XPee home I just priced out at Dell.com is actually a better deal than a Mac Mini, that comes with iLife at $499 I'd like to borrow whatever you're smoking.:rolleyes:

    But hey, the Dell comes with a "Sleek, Stylish Chassis":eek: :p (hard, cold, ugly, cheap black plastic)
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    People don't think about those things. The number one selling point is price. A person who buys a $399 computer is going to be debating the integrated graphics or that's is generally a piece of crap.

    You're comparing cost and value per dollar. The Dell cost less. The mini has a better value per dollar.

    You shouldn't scoff at Dell's 399 system. I'm sure the people it designed it knew it was crap. You should be complaining Apple doesn't have something cheaper and better designed. The mini is overpriced for the mediocre system it is. It's only redeeming value is the OS.
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    Don't panic

    "iPod helped turned around Apple?

    it hurts just reading at it.

    I realize that internet tech journalism has as low standards as there can be, but can't they get at least the titles straight? gee.
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    That's what I was getting at.

    The road to my iMac was nearly based on price alone:-

    1. Need a second machine (likely desktop)
    2. I already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse kicking around in a box.
    3. Hey Dell does cheap box only machines - oh so does Apple (Mini)
    4. Steps back to consider what he wants from a machine - my laptop (in my sig) is struggling sometimes with video editing in XP, so a budget box will likely struggle as well.

    5. Friend shows me inc. iLife apps, easy to use handy integration to get used to before moving onto more complex software - compares to Dell...errr stuff missing.

    6. Existing monitor's not that great after all, as I'm used to the laptop's 15inch 1680x.... decide to sell it.
    7. Go for iMac Rev.B - Apple updates to Rev.C an hour before it arrives on doorstep. Apple takes back Rev.B, Rev.C arrives a couple of weeks later.

    One happy customer (tho' Might Mouse sux)

    No iPod involved in my decision process :cool:
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    Yes, I know that these companies build some machines that cost less than some Macs. But by the time you outfit that Dell with comparable software (plus potentially all the nice spyware, adware, etc.) they end up costing as much or more in many cases.

    I was just chuckling at the fact that in an article about Dell, they manage to throw in something about Apple being too expensive, suggesting people are only buying them because they happen to be in the store and are too lazy to go anywhere else to shop for cheaper stuff.
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    Bearing in mind that TCO includes costs of viruses, spyware, and time plus money spent dealing with them, a Dell or any Windoze running PC is far more expensive than a Mac Mini or iMac.
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    Totally agree - but most people buying a 'budget' machine aren't going to be thinking about TCO. I don't recall the sales staff in Futureshop/BestBuy or even the Dell website mention TCO.

    Ironically TCO is something that regularly gets used in Business Press by Microsoft and other established vendors, against Linux and other more innovative solutions.
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    They wont be saying that when Dells "upmarket" models come out ;) :rolleyes:
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    Thats a $150 difference and you havent accounted for the additional ongoing cost of Firewall and antivirus on the XPee PC which is absolutely essential for use on the net and which would bring the cost of the PC up another $50 or what ever you pay for antivirus in the US. :D
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    XP has a 'firewall' and I thought will soon have anti-virus and spy-ware as well.

    Not that I'm trying to justify Dell or Microsoft - you're preaching to the converted here mate!
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    They're already here - their XPS machines are *cough* upmarket.
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    Also the G3 iMacs and clamshell iBooks. They turned heads and changed the scope of case design.
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    I would never have guessed ;)
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    I thought that Apple was turned around when Steve Jobs came back on board and gave them a real product matrix with a focus on the digital hub. All the iPod does is help them go in the right direction. It didn't turn them around, it was the original "i" products that did that.
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    Heh, I have an old "upmarket" XPS. It has a super-fast 300 MHz processor, a whopping 128 MB of RAM, a huge 6 GB hard drive, and the wonderful Windows 98 operating system :p
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    That and the fact that he bought the beginnings of OS X into Apple when he "sold"(Steve's mythical RDF) his was back into the company in the form of the original MACH Kernel that was part of his NeXT Step OS since Copeland was going nowhere and Microsoft had NT in the market. Also Steve unshelved a few of Ives designs (one of which was the G3 iMac) . I read iCon just recently although I dont have it in front of me right now (incase any readers spot any factual errors in my post-my apologies in advance;) )
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    Take it easy on those gerbils, Nermal;) :D
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    crap freakboy

    "iPod helped turned around Apple'- Dell CFO

    No sh*t Sherlock!
    Whats the next newsflash? 'Steve Jobs is pretty good for Apple'?

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