iPod Hi-Fi selling well in Europe?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gekko513, Mar 29, 2006.

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    The iPod Hi-Fi is number three on the Top Seller list of the European online Apple store, but it's not present at all on the Top Seller list of the American store.

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    Because some Europeans work 35 hours a week and make more than we do here in the states. That extra "day" off a week and added salary is the perfect reason to get one.

    They also like design from the late 70s.

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    It's because we know style when we see it.
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    Because in Europe they actually do care about the sound quality coming out of the speaker. Of course, if you're listening to Death Cab for Cutie or stuff like that, it doesn't matter what the output as long as noise comes out.
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    We obviously don't if we're buying it in such numbers ;)
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    Cool idea. can we get a black Hi-Fi then?

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