iPod HiFi all but gone from iPod store

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CEAbiscuit, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Anyone notice that the iPod HiFi is all but gone from the Apple store online? Actually had to search for it.. it's not even pictured or referenced in the iPod store front page. I was thinking of actually getting one after hearing it at the local pub, but now I'm a little gun shy.. any idea if there is a "newer, better," model for release shortly? Hope this is not the big announcement in August...
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    Odd. I just browsed the whole store and no iPod Hi-Fi. Here are some reasons I think why:

    Poor sales. If the Hi-Fi didn't do too well, than Jobs probobly thought it necessary to cancel such a product.

    But, due to being cut so soon, a possible upgrade in the near future, but would only make sense to keep the Hi-Fi on the market until then...:confused:

    Maybe it didn't satisfy Job's home audio system anymore?:rolleyes: :p

    Maybe if Apple sold it for $100 less, I'm sure it would've done so much better.
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    ..... and had built in AirTunes and an option for FM. I would have bit.
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    Airtunes would be good. Radio would be nice, but there are too many preferences out there (satellite for the US, DAB for Europe, FM, AM) and you won't be able to please everyone.

    I'd love an iPod Hi-Fi with Airtunes and a DAB tuner. That would mean the need for a display though.... and obviously a greater cost.
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    I would probably hold off as well...
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    You are right, the above would make it much more appealing, especially Airtunes.

    I'm convinced. The HiFi is definatly not showing up on the store or on my Amex.
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    i just did a search on the store and it was there
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    I'm sorry but you cannot have been looking very hard. It took me two minutes to find from opening the new browser for the Apple site.

    Check under "speakers" under iPod accesories
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    I think that's a lot of "effort" to find an Apple branded product that came out just a few month's ago... should be on the front page if it was worth it's weight.

    On the front page it shows the following under top sellers (apple only, of course)

    iPod nano
    iTunes Gift Certificate
    iTunes Music Card
    iPod shuffle iPod
    USB Power Adapter
    Nike + iPod Sport Kit
    AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod
    Nike+ Sport Armband (Black/Red)
    iPod nano Armbands

    I'm waiting for the revision, if there is any.
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    I actually bought one. :) For $300 off Amazon.com
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    It's on the main 'iPod+iTunes' page.

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    Good luck with that
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    It's on the Australian store's iPod page :)

    In fact it's got a large banner add compared to the other products.
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    Well, if they find it a poor seller, they shouldn't be surprised. Drop it by $150 (or $100 and include an AirPort Express), and they'll have an hit on their hands. A speaker system that also serves as a AirTunes basestation and as a router too! Funky, but awesome!
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    When you actually see and hear them, then you realise that they're pretty good value. I own one and the power and clarity is outstanding, especially noticeable outdoors.

    Everything about it is solidly and carefully designed and built. Dropping the price by $100-150 would substantially compromise their quality, particularly of the cabinet and drivers.

    If you want something cheaper, then buy another product. It's not like there isn't a huge choice out there for iPod speakers...
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