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iPod: How to Identify Models

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 10, 2004.

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    wow, now thats worth a post!
    I wonder what kind of mac i got...Its big and silver and has G5 written onit...

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    this is a big enough problem for some people that there's a whole article?
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    I thought it was just released a few days ago? Did they have another 15 GB model previously?
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    they released a 15 gig version previously i have that version

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    See Jimjiminey! :)

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    OK, no need to make me feel like a complete idiot :eek:

    I don't remember the 15 GB, but I suppose I can trust you ;)
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    well there's plenty of iPods on the used market, (just check eBay) and the people most likely to buy used might not be as familiar with the model histories. Plus apple's simplified model naming convention tends to encompass a huge range of features and specs over time (iMac).

    I think with four distinct product revisions and four different versions of iPod software across two platforms this might help clarify what's what.
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    ther is only 3 versios of iPod software.
    1.3 for older ones with a FW connector
    2.1 for newer dock connectors
    and mini 1.0 for obviously the minis.

    i have an original 15GB, but when i bought mine, it came with the dock, case and remote;)
    the new 15GB don't come with that anymore :)

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