Ipod is frustrating the crap out of me. HELP

Discussion in 'iPod' started by BeckaCoop, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Okay, I know people have asked this question atleast 100 times, and maybe I'm just technology retarded, but I think I've tried everything that has been suggested on the apple website.
    My Ipod is a 2nd Generation Nano (old, i know) and all of a sudden my computer isn't recognizing it. Not only is my computer not recognizing it, my car ipod hook up won't recognize it either. My boyfriend's ipod touch works just fine with both the computer and the car, so I'm assuming it's an issue with my ipod and not the computer/car setup.

    I really wouldn't be suprised if someone had a quick "you need to press this button answer" because when it comes to technology, I'm slightly impaired!


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    It should connect automatically. Does it charge?

    Maybe the connector on the iPod is faulty... It looks like it's time to buy a new iPod. :eek:
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    Things eventually die. Nothing lasts forever.

    Why don't you actually go on the apple support site and see follow the directions there to see if it's dead.
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    Thats the thing, the computer does charge it! It also works just fine when i put it in my ipod dock to play music. :confused:
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    coronel mustard

    You could try putting your ipod into forced disk mode- where the ipod is forced to connect. To achieve this, you need to make sure that you have some power left in your ipod and the hold switch is in the OFF position....

    1)Hold the menu and the select/centre button of the ipod
    2)Keep holding these buttons until the apple logo comes up
    3)When the apple logo comes up, you need to hold the select/centre button and the play button
    4)A Tick and the "Okay to disconnect" message should appear on the ipod.
    5) Connect the ipod to your computer and the screen should change to the "Do not disconnect" message

    From here you could always try a restore of the ipod.

    The original documentation from apple on how to put the ipod into disk mode.

    Hope this works. :)
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    Thank you coronel mustard!!!:D
    Hallelujah my ipod will connect!

    Thank you everyone who took time out of their day to try to help me in my hour of need!

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    coronel mustard

    No problem :D

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