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iPod meets nature

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Kind of a neat case, but I wouldn't say no to some felt lining. (Or a screen-hole, although I know the solid-wood look is intended.)
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    I wonder how heavy it is.

    Would you buy one? iWood. ;)
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    I like it. :) Wish the dock connector was accessible when it's closed tho. :p
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha HAAAA!!!!! did you guys click on "your iwood"?

    careful, read the inscription on the inside.

    hehehe! Love it.

    Which makes me think this web page might be a fake, but otherwise, I'd say it's a really awesome ipod case. Admittedly, kinda lacks functionality, but way way better looking than most.
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    Wow! That gives me wood!
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    Don't panic

    now, if it said monica you'd have a point... ;)

    kinda cool
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    Notice too that the monogram is a "g".
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    one other reason to doubt the site. if it really is a commercial site, and they are catering to the wealthy amongst the nano culture, it may be a good idea for emails to not have spelling mistakes (click on notify me, look at the subject line). otherise, it looks awesome, i would porbably get one.

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