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iPod mini #1 Seller on the AppleStore!

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 18, 2004.

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    Note that there are no other iPods in the top 20 - which could mean they must be lumping all iPod sales together.
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    I bought one for my father to thank him for everything he's done for me recently. O-**** he's looking at me typing this...got to go...:D
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    Re: Hmmm...

    No, they are just not buying now.
    All the reg. iPod buying was in the first week after new yrs. Now everyone and resellers are now buying loads of iPod mini's.
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    When do these minis get to europe

    and asia etc anyone know a date so i can save up 600 or so for one if iam still in australia
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    The minis go worldwide in april i believe

    but the fact that no other iPods r in the top 20 is a little disturbing, neway...
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    Top 10... for what time period?

    The regular iPod used to be high on the top 10, now it's gone. Explanation for strange sudden changes like that? Maybe the Top 10 is counted for a very short time--like the last 2 days, or 6 hours, or something. Then more wildly varied results would occasionally be expected.

    I see my favorite app, Soundtrack, comes it at #13.
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    notice also that the ibook and imac are up in the top 10 now, which they didnt always used to be. lots of people are buying macs now, not just accessories as we used to see on the top 10 list.
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    It can't be!!!!

    Not when all the denizons of the deep protested so loudly last week that the mini was going to be a disaster... they were SO sure of this 'fact.' Knowing these folks' clear understanding of the reality of the market-place, I think Apple must be severely mistaken about this... there is no way that these overpriced under-performing'things' could be selling!
    Or else, we ARE in Kansas.
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    Not surprised

    I know people with regular iPods who are replacing them with Minis. My dad was looking very very closely at them at Macworld...
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    I've alwas thought that the Top 10 was kinda a PR move instead of a true listing. I bet to make the media look bad that the iPod Mini wouldn't fail, they probably broke up all the iPod sales, instead of just having the 'IPOD', it would be the iPod 15, iPod 20, iPod 40, etc.

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