iPod mini 6GB at the end of the year?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Diatribe, Jul 29, 2004.

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    Just read this on MacBidouille too.
    A representative of Hitachi confirmed in an interview that they will be producing 6GB HDs at the end of this year. That would be a perfect time to update those ipod minis right before christmas. Then again they can't ship them in sufficient quantities anyways. Never could with anything I suppose.
    They need to realize that their products are actually wanted and stop underestimating demand. http://www.hardmac.com/niouzcontenu.php?date=2004-07-29#2568
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised if these revised iPod minis retail at $199, if Hitachi does in fact get rid of that expensive CF interface in their new micro drives.
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    Is the CF style attachment expensive? What exactly is the benefit of using it, anyway?
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    My understanding is that it isn't an attachment, but rather the way the hard drive connects to whatever device is using it. Getting rid of the CF interface and using something else will save money, according to Hitachi.
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    Hitachi saving money = cheaper iPods for the consumer market = GOOD THING! :cool:
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    Or Apple might just keep the profits!! :D
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    Although this is what Apple usually does, they did mention a couple of times that they want to bring the cost of iPods down. There is the chance.
    And if they really don't get a 60GB iPod soon they could even hold onto this 2 sizes iPod structure and keep the pricing this way.
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    Sorry about my poor wording, but that's what I meant by attachment --- the type of plug that the iPod must have to attach to this HDD drive. :eek:

    Anyway, my question of why they even use the CF connector/interface if it's expensive to implement? They stoopid or sumptin?
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    i know you all know this but

    the more iPods you sell-the less profit you can make per product-and apeal to more consumers with a cheaper product

    i cant word anything right!
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    $200 would be the sweet spot for me to finally pick up an iPod, so bring it.
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    While it is true that supply can't even meet demand at a price of $249, could you imagine the demand at a price of $199? I think it would be absolutely incredible. That $50 difference makes a real difference psychologically for people, since it is now below $200.
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    didn't steve once in a keynote mention that apple wants to make a hundred-dollar-ipod some day?
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    wonder if they can extend the battery life in that revision.

    that'd be great

    still only going to switch when the mini reaches capacitys of 8GB+
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    Apple can't keep up with demand right now with the mini at $249, so I don't think they should lower the price or else they'll have even bigger supply issues! ;)
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    Savage Henry

    Yip, I certainly don't see the announcement as anything other than creating a two-tier iPodmini range to relieve a bit of supply pressure, and by slightly bridging that gap that the former 15gig of the classic range no longer fills.

    But then I've been wrong before.
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    i would think that the first serious window for apple to release new iPod minis would be feb/march 05. There will be serious demand at christmas for both iPods and iPod minis. Apple will only make the sucessor available after demand wains a bit. That said they could do it before christmas to boost demand. (if they can keep up with it!) I wouldn't be suprised if the only addition to the iPod family in 04 is the 60Gb iPod.

    Just think of the adverts at christmas for iPods?!!!! :D The most obvious one is people dancing with coloured backgrounds (you know the deal) but with snow falling everywhere.

    But i think they will be more savvy and will come up with something totally new to bite the arse off the competition and boost sales.

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