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iPod mini: Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 7, 2004.

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    Another Question ...

    Q: Who's idea was it to price the mini at $249?

    A: We don't know but this morning we did notice a vacant cubicle in the marketing department.
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    well, i don;t like the fact that you can't use the belkin battery pack, voice recorder and the card reader. i think that it would be easy, especially people with no more than 300 songs ma want and iPod, and will still have some space left.
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    Yeah really:

    Question Five:
    Who Priced The iPod Mini?

    Yea, we know, they are being hunted down as we speak.

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    Based on the wording of their FAQ, it seems like the battery pack, etc. might functionally work with the iPod Mini, but they just won't snap or slide into place, physically. That's my guess at least. I mean, if the electronics of the dock connector are the same, and the OS/firmware is the same, how can a battery pack not work simply because it's the wrong shape? Maybe someone will start selling modification units to "bulk up" the miniPod so it fits in spaces designed for an iPod. Or the R&D teams will spend 5 minutes reshaping the plastic and sell you a whole new unit at a slight markup. ;)
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    haha. *New for iPod mini!
    5 bucks extra because we used less plastic;)

    anyway, im still caring about the voice recorder and media reader not being able to work.
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    I think if apple would lower the minipod by just 50 bucks that that would be good enough for me buy one

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