iPod mini problems! please help me!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by blarg!, Dec 23, 2004.

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    Every time i try to install the iPod cd it asks for english for installshield then it prepares and such, then it says

    1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime

    and its the same if i try to install the update too

    please help me, i have a long flight coming up and i need music!
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    Some things that might help people help you... what version of Windows are you using? Cuz I know you aren't using a Mac! :p *giggles about InstallShield* And are you an admin account, if you're using one of the NT-based versions of windows, such as XP or XP Pro? It sounds like the installer is failing to write files to some portion of your hard disk, which is usually because it doesn't have permissions to do so.

    But don't worry...we'll get your music on that iPod, and you're going to LOVE it. :)
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    i use windows xp home

    is there a way to give it permission?
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    Log into the admin account and run the installer from there.
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    I am in admin.
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    Download the version from itunes.com and try installing that. If that fails, "drag your PeeCee into the garbage" and Mac your n00b ass.
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    ok how bout i put it this way, how do i fix my ipod issue without buying a whole new computer
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    Sorry for the idiot above. So you are trying to install the Windows version of the software update utility, and its giving you errors.


    Go to that URL and get the software. Use it to flash your iPod back to Factory defaults if your iPod is acting up, or just update it if that is all you want to do. And naturally, use iTunes to put your music onto the iPod.

    Now, if the installer shield thing is still giving an issue, I think you have a bigger problem other than trying to update your iPods firmware. Now, unless you iPod is causing trouble, I suggest not doing anything to it. Especially if you already have musci on it. the update only adds minor features.
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    i already tried installing that and its the same error, i went to the installshield web site and it had the same problem i had on the website and it wouldnt install....

    would it help if i formatted it??
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    Does iTunes not reconize it? Why are you trying to install this software to flash the firmware? If you have music on the iPod already, and its not acting up, you dont' need the update for your trip. It only adds a few extra features that you could do without.
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    go figure huh, its a PC... not that apples aren't repleat with their own problems, its just more icing on the preverbial cake.... buy a mac. end of story.
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    I didnt even have to ask to know your on PC, i could tell by the error.
    You should go to ipodlounge.com or stupidpcusersforum.com

    Get a MAC!
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    Are you kidding me? I say that, you call me an idiot, and then say the same thing I already did. You should get a mac too.
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    Give me MONEY!

    I didnt ask to be flamed about having a pc, i asked for freaking help

    SHEESH...mac users...heh :p
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    Sorry ... when our best advice is "get a Mac," that means we have no idea how to help you. :p

    We're usually much more helpful chaps, but this sounds like one of those random Windows errors straight out of nowhere.

    Hopefully, someone with an iPod + Windows will see this thread, or alternatively you could try posting on a Windows-based forum (um, if those exist :p), since this sounds like a problem with the OS and not really a problem with the Mini.

    Edit: You might want to try to the ipodlounge forums, as suggested above. People there have iPods and *either* OS X or Windows.
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    okay step one, remove everything that is ipod and itunes related from your comp using the add remove programs utility located in your control panel. next right click ur c drive and have it check for errors, you will have to restart ur comp for this, which is fine, let it do its thing.

    next dl this and install FIRST


    then restart your comp, then install this


    next plug ur mini in, itunes may open and thats fine, but close it out right away, start the ipod utility that u dled and have it "restore" the software on it, this will also bring it up to the latest version. after its done, disconnect the ipod by unmounting it, plug it back in ur comp and have a swell day :)
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    We've all been there. Getting a mac was our grand solution, and it means less problems for everyone. Not everyone can afford one, but this is MacRumors. Not helpmewithwindowsRumors. Not trying to be mean. What bus are you using? usb 1? I've had problems with ipods and usb1. I suggest a $10 usb2 card from newegg, may make all the difference is all else fails.
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    The classic "trash can" trick...
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    This is a known issue. See link below. And excuse the windows bashing - I just a got a mini today aswell.


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    n00bie snacks

    Eek...instructions on how to (probably) fix this are here:

    Makes me glad I do run the mac...that looks like a pain in the keister. Maybe you won't need to run all nine steps and 18 sub-steps.
    Merry Christmas, anyhow. Maybe your seat-mate on the flight will have an iPod, you can bum a listen off of their 'Pod
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    Wow. This Web site would be a great advertisement for a Mac.
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    Cuba Tbird Had it Right

    I followed your instructions on my daughter's Ipod (regular not mini), and they worked great. Looks like SP2 creates some grief when attempting to load software directly from the IPOD and/or ITUNES website. Whatever the reason, if anyone else is having this problem, do exactly what Cuba is telling us. He is the man!!
  23. mms
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    How about you learn how to capitalize it properly before you start giving such unwanted advice to people? At least they you might look slightly educated rather than absolutely moronic.

    It's obvious that we can't give much help here. Try iPodLounge, which is bound to have both Mac and Windows iPod users. I'm sure you won't get this Windows bashing this thread consists of and that the people over them have more expertise.

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