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ipod mini won't stay on

Discussion in 'iPod' started by josta, Jan 10, 2007.

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    I have had a weird problem with my ipod mini recently. I can charge it for 4 hours, and it shows it is charging everything fine, shows up in itunes and on my desktop etc. However, when I unplug it from my mbp (I charge with the usb cable) it shows the apple on the display for a couple seconds, turns on, I start my music and it lasts for maybe 5 minutes, shows the low battery indicator then shuts itself off! I recalibrated the battery in the beginning of Dec (prior to the problems). It has been in this weird low battery state since then, even after overnight charges.
    I tried the reset trick a couple of times, to no avail. I'm going to charge it again tonight (it was only unplugged for a maximum of 30 minutes today) then try the restore.
    Any other thoughts? It's out of warranty (of course!) so I want to exhaust all possibilities before heading off to get a new one :eek:
    Thanks for any advice!
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    still trying

    hi everyone,
    After charging my ipod all night, i went through the 5 r's this morning to no avail. After the restore my computer said that the ipod "could not be updated because the required file is in use"? The mini has the "do not disconnect" flashing on the screen, but it is not recognized by the computer. Should I try restarting it? I am afraid of hurting it since I don't know that it sucessfuly went through the restore (given the error message I received and that it hasn't shown up in itunes).
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    I have an iPod mini with a similar problem to yours - it will play fine when charging but even once it has fully charged, it randomly claims low battery and switches itself off when i turn it back on it come up with the apple logo and then shows an empty battery that then fills up to 3/4 full over the next 5 mins it then works fine, but occationally it resets itself. Is your problem similar to this.

    If the restore is stuck (this happened to me 2) then disconnect it and retry. if the restore fails again take it to an apple store or buy a new one (the new nano's are sweet!) Hope this helps.

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    My minis exactly the same, and it wont sync songs.
    It still shows 'update complete' though.

    Do you think its doing this to make me upgrade? I'm sure thats what happened with my playstation :)
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    That sounds exactly what mine is doing. Only it does it every time, not just on occasion. The restore didn't appear to be stuck, it attempted and then it turned itself off with the "file in use error". But now it is showing again in itunes. My girlfriends ipod gives the same error message when i plug her's into my computer (mpb) as well. perhaps there is a corrupted file?
    I'm trying to avoid buying a new one...too many expenses in my life right now :rolleyes:
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    Have you tried re-installing itunes?

    you can also get battery replacement kits for about £30 on the Web ( not sure where tho...)
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    I reinstalled itunes this morning, and it didn't seem to help.
    I just want to make sure it is a battery issue and not a harddrive issue before ordering a new battery

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