iPod Mini's Vanish from refurb site????

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mrsollars, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Any ideas on why all of the minis vanished from the refurb site.
    before last weekend....they had 4 colors and 4 and 6gb models available.
    monday morning.....gone.....ALL of them?!?!

    What gives?!?! any info is appreciated.

    i need to get a 4gb silver mini asap.

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    c'mon gang.......consider it a challenge......first one WINS!!!

    (maybe that will work.....or maybe i should have put "PRE-ORDER'' in the subject line.....that may have helped too :) )
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    Have you checked eBay? Craigslist?

    It's a DISCONTINUED product, why would you expect a steady flow of refurbs?

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    maybe you didn't read the first post clearly.

    they were ALL available on saturday morning.......they were ALL gone monday morning.

    highly improbable that they were all bought in 1 weekend.
    just wondering if there was some store update and they got wiped out.


    is there any way to contact apple and check availability on refurb products??

    thanks for the reply though....i do appreciate it.
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    Why would you want a mini when the Nanos are better in every aspect?
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    It's not highly improbable that they were all sold within the last few days at all, it is the holiday shopping season after all. Considering the time of year it currently is, if you see something listed on Apple's refurb list, you better buy it right then or risk losing out because they won't last long.
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    im guessing since they arent making them anymore they had was left of the refurbished ones for sale. once those ran out, that was it and thats why they got pulled off the site
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    i want the mini because of the scratch 'proof-ness' of it....and the durability of the big sturdy aluminum frame....and the refurb price.

    it's for a young kid (9-10yrs old) and i just like the durability of my old mini.
    the new nanos biggest problem for my situation is price.....second is durability.

    i do realize that's is ''shopping season'' but going from all availble to none available was just a shocker.

    so....any info on contacting apple???

    thanks for the replies.
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    how much does it weigh anyway, im sure its more than an ipod
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    Not in every aspect. I like my 6Gb mini precisely because of its size - the nano is too small and light. I abuse my gadgets and nano would not survive my handling it for long. Besides, I can charge mine through firewire on my powerbook - I can actually leave the computer sleeping while the mini is charging overnight, which is impossible to do with USB.
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    Tom B.

    All iPod nanos can be charged with firewire.
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    For the budget-minded consumer, $99 for a 4 GB player (or $129 for 6 GB) was a very good deal if you don't mind some of the limitations of the mini.
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    That's what i was thinking 'cowboy'.

    thanks for the replies.
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    Guess you haven't been hanging around the refurb store very much. Things come, they go. Act fast if you want to get a new or discontinued product from the refurb store.

    12" iBooks and Powerbooks are similar phantoms, they show up all of a sudden and are gone in an instant.

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    I did not know that - thanks. But they still can not be synchronized, as fas as I understand. I always have stuff plugged into both USB ports in the powerbook, so being able to use firewire for the mini is plus for me.

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