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iPod nano 4G doesn't free space

Discussion in 'iPod' started by geohei, Dec 19, 2009.

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    I used the Search feature but no topic seems to work for me.

    I have an iPod nano 4G with movies, which I sync'ed using iTunes 9.0.2 (Windows). When I delete a movie in the Devices > Movies folder, the free space doesn't increase.

    Other topics call for a .Trash folder, which I don't see ...

    Please advise.

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    Um...after you delete something from your computer you have to sync the iPod =\
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    I forgot to mention that I have the "Manually manage music and videos" checkbox selected.

    I guess this means that I do not want to fill/remove items (music and videos) using the iTunes Sync system. I manually filles the iPod by drag'n'drop. Now, when I select a movie and press delete, it disappears from the list, but the free space doesn't increase.

    How can I delete a movie without usingthe sync system?


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