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ipod nano 4gen is 'arging'

Discussion in 'iPod' started by sarah3585, Nov 9, 2008.

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    Got my new ipod 8gb 4th gen and notice that it isn't charging it's arging. :eek:

    Someone can't spell? Anyone else have this? It's very strange.
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    Haha, oh wow!

    Sorry i can't hep but that's hilarious!
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    pictures please.
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    Mee too!

    I just bought a silver 8GB nano last night and mine is also "arged" up and ready to go!
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    Obviously your Nano is pirated.
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    pics or it didn't happen
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    This has happened a few times before, I think it was fixed with an apple software update?

    Funny though. and yes, it is real.
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    heres your picture.

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    Andrew K.

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    I seem to recall this being an issue on the 4g iPods (the "classic" ones) back in the day. Funny to see it happening again and, oddly enough, on a 4g Nano.
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