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iPod Nano 5g Video/Audio Quality

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Joe-Diver, Sep 17, 2009.

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    I was at the Dallas Stars pre-season opener last night...thought I'd video Celena Ray singing the National Anthem....boy, did it turn out bad. The audio was very poor...with lots of pops like the mic being overwhelmed.....it's not that loud in the arena....maybe I expected too much?
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    Oh come now, I've heard dozens of live concert bootlegs, and I can tell you, you'd better have a good mic, a good recorder, a good position in a good venue w/good sound, if you wanna boot a show. People spend thousands on microphones. Elwood Blues even traded a Cadillac for one!
    There's too much ambient noise(ie: tons) for a mic designed for more intimate use. I think recording audio in an arena w/iPod or cell mics, is like playing Halo with a toddler.
    Try the mic on something a bit less overwhelming, and see if you like that.
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    You can't expect a device for convenience to have perfect sound without a specialized (and expensive) microphone.

    Haha nice comparison.
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    Yeah, I figured I expected a bit much....start of the game isn't that loud though.

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