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iPod nano (Back to School Promo)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Telp, Sep 15, 2007.

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    Looking to buy a new macbook, however, i read that you are unable to get the new nanos as a part of this. Does anyone know if there is a way around this?
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    That's ashame, why would they still be giving out the old ones when the new ones are there? do they still have that many??
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    But, are you refering to the US or UK promo?
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    US, i was really looking forward to that new nano :(

    And i was hoping i could ask whoever was selling me the machine if i could have a new nano instead, and by doing that i would get one as opposed to the old nano, does this work? Does it depend on who you ask or if you ask, or is it just a straight up NO?
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    The terms of the rebate lists specific model numbers (the old ones)

    Even if they did sell you a new one, you would have to mail in the rebate form with your UPC labels etc, and wait for the cheque to come in the mail. By buying something outside the terms and conditions, you will not get approved. So, you don't get your money back
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    Ah...thats ashame, well ill talk to them just in case :D:D Never hurts to check, but yeah, i was really loooking forward to those new nanos, but i love the old nanos just as much, and they are extremely SEXYYY =D haha thanks all.
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    They'll happily sell you a new nano, but when you submit the rebate it will get denied and you won't get any money back on it. You buy the iPod upfront and get the money back, it's not up to the sales dude whether you get one for free or not. You can ask, and they'll sell you one, but you'll pay $200 like everyone else.
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    BTW, today is the last day for the US rebate, so you better order/buy quick if you want it.

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