iPod Nano Bike Mount?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MattZani, Sep 15, 2009.

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    I've just ordered a 5G iPod Nano, and one thing i want to do with it is Record Bike Rides, so im wondering how to mount it, would have to be in landscape mode, attached to the handlebars, and damn strong :p

    Might just end up making one, but im not completely sure how, without it being flimsy and dropping my Beautiful Nano at high speeds.
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    i don't have a nano, but I got a bike mount for my iPhone. I just did a google search. I suggest (if possible) getting one that is a bag just for the reason of keeping it out of the elements. I'm not sure if you are mountain biking or road biking, (i do both), so i didn't want my iPhone to get wet from mud, puddles, or rain. Just something to keep in mind while shopping.

    here's a quick search i did from google:
    (i searched - ipod nano bike mount)

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    How about a piece of strong magnet?
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    can't imagine that would be too good for the electronics in the ipod.
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    Think im just gonna fabricate my own, all the ones i found are only designed for Bicycles, not Motorbikes, so im not sure how it will deal higher speeds, more vibrations etc.
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    motor bike....could have mentioned that in the first post. my entire response was based off a a 'bicycle'.
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    90% of the products out there are for Bicycles too :p
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    I'm not sure that the new Nano's camera has Electronic Image Stabilization, so, almost quite literally, Your Mileage May Vary.

    Whatever you do, be safe, especially if you're going to record one of those insane-speed videos like I've seen occasionally on YouTube. Those are hardcore.
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    I know just the thing! I use a Spiderpodium from Breffo. It's a sort of a gadget holder -- really great to use with iPods, especially for people who love to do certain activities like biking and running on a treadmill. This thing has 8 bendable "legs", you can wrap 4 of them around your gadget to hold it in place, and wrap the others around your bike's handle, your treadmill, your baby's stroller, or any place, to secure it and keep your hands or pockets free. It works great as a tripod, too. Very inexpensive at 20 dollars!

    Here's how it looks like:
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    I just thought of a peripherally related matter. Make sure you get a good protective case for your nano. You don't want your nano's screen or polished finish to get all scratched up in the unlikely event of a bad crash/wipeout/slide. I would normally recommend my Scosche Kickback N5, but it wouldn't provide enough front-side protection for the screen and click-wheel area.

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