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iPod Nano Chargers

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MatthewConnelly, Dec 23, 2006.

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    Just a quick question. My dad has a first gen iPod Nano, and uses the supplied USB charger. We got my mum a second gen pink Nano for christmas, so we obviously haven't had a chance to open it yet. Will the current USB charger work fine with both iPods, or will we have to use separate chargers for each iPod?
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    I have a USB charger.

    I have used it for my gen 2 Shuffle and gen 2 Nano with no problems.
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    all iPod chargers (even the FireWire ones from back in the days) will charge any iPod using a wall outlet.

    edit: except the shuffles.
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    d wade


    every iPod has the same plug, one charger will work for every iPod you have
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    Your comment about the Shuffles has me a bit baffled.

    I have used my USB charger for both generation Shuffles with no problem.

    For the first generation version, I just plugged it in directly to the charger.

    For the second generation version, I use the dock (which in turn plugs into the charger).
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    he meant it wouldn't work for the shuffle because the older firewire chargers are only available for the full sized iPod, not the Shuffle. The Shuffle is only USB, so it only has a USB port to charge from.. the old iPod Firewire charger, hence the name firewire.. only has a firewire port, not suitable for the Shuffle. But since everything is now USB, the new chargers should work fine...
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    Lol get a real iPod

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