iPod Nano Details, and Full Touchscreen iPod?

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    9to5mac updates with claims that sort out some of the mixed signals arriving these past two weeks surrounding upcoming versions of the iPod.

    9to5mac had earlier posted a mockup of what was felt to be a next generation iPod which showed a shorter proportioned iPod. While met with some skepticism, a later ThinkSecret report corroborated the dimensions ("in some ways more resemble a BlackBerry") and confirmed that the leaked iPod interface videos would be used.

    This latest report now claims that the mockup of the shorter iPod is in fact a mockup for the iPod Nano, and not the "full size" iPod as suggested. They also claim the leaked interface videos are for this upcoming Nano.
    This leaves room on for a high end iPod config, which is said to be a "phoneless iPhone" that many have been waiting for.

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    I'm waiting for facts, not rumors...

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    The current Nano is perfect. That thing is plain ugly.
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    This makes me nervous, because it's referring to the iPod Touch.

    100-120gb, plz.

    edit: Interesting, they edited that and removed the capacities. Ah well.
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    This is MacRUMORS.com

    Rumors are more fun... :p

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    Then go to macfacts.com instead. :p
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    2" square for the whole thing? That means about 1.5" for the screen? Kinda small for video. Even the ipod video screen is a bit too small...
    I'm spoiled by my iphone I guess.
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    If it's ever coming out, 9to5mac would be getting a little call from Apple Legal.
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    My iPod is up for sale on eBay at the moment to help fund my 'travels' for the next 9 months.

    So I hope I will still be able to a lot of $ for my £ when I'm in the USA next year.

    A new iPod Nano or 'Touchcreen' iPod. Woot!

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    I'm waiting for rumors, not outlandish speculation...
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    Time to sell my 2 nano's.
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    Yeah, I am going with the video of the iPods that Apple put out that were taken down.
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    I'm pretty sure that describing hardware/software is not on the same level as posting pictures/video belonging to Apple.

    And that mockup is, well...a bad mockup.
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    Not impressed- 299 for 4 gig, 399 for 8 gig... Jobs taken to smoking crack again?

    Wonder what the new colors will be.
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    A Nano that plays video at the same price point would be perfect for me. I don't use that much storage space. Actually add and internal speaker to it and it would be perfect.
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    While we're in speculation-land I'll note that I just don't see an iPod as a phone-less iPhone happening. At best I see the new iPod having touch controls and the basic iPod-in-the-iPhone interface, but I'll go on record as saying there is no way in hell it will have wi-fi, safari, or anything of that sort. Apple will release lower cost iPhones to hit that demographic, but not higher-end iPods.
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    Brown, duh.
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    i would love for this to be true.....but i just don't see it. we'll see though. it stinks though, cuz i'm getting a new nano this weekend (tax free)
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    I don't buy an August 7th release date. iPod's almost always get updated in the September/October timeframe.

    Not to mention the buy a mac get a free iPod promotion that runs through September 16th.

    Guarantee we won't see a new iPod until at least September 17th.
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    No way... nano's are never going 2 b like that the form factor is 2 good at the moment. plus who would want to watch a film on a device whoch would only store a couple and show them on a screen smaller than 2" square? this is very un-apple!

    I vote tht this is pure speculation and should be ignored.

    However i do think that the videos were real and i love them!
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    Analog Kid

    Phoneless iPhone with a hard drive? My biggest complaint with my 60GB 5G is that I'm out of space for all the stuff I want to keep there...
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    Huh, what does this have to with iPhone?>

    Wow, why is this on the site?
    I come to Macrumors for iPhone news and rumors.

    Weird, what is this iPod thing you're talking about anyway?


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    Nope, they'll simply exclude the new iPod part numbers from the rebate, thus making them ineligible.
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    That's possibly the worst mockup I have ever seen. Must of taken all of 30 seconds in PS.
    Apple would never pass that off.
    Better luck next time.

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    I'm pretty sure they said themselves that it was a really, really quick mockup just for the sake of proportions.

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