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ipod nano gen 7th - how to change song quickly??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by tianh2002, Oct 6, 2012.

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    I'm thinking about buying the new ipod nano 7th gen. I love the ipod nano on the 4th generation because i can change the song back and forth without looking at the ipod (buy just tapping the forward and backward button). Do you know if i change the song on the ipod nano 7th generation by click the volume rocker? or by sleep/wake button? I need to change the song quickly without looking at it?

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    Well, it hasn't been released yet, so no one knows the answer to your question.

    That being said, the 6G Nano lets you quickly skip forward a song by double-pressing the sleep/wake button. I would imagine that you would have the same (or a similar) option on the 7G Nano.
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    I think there is a button in the middle of up/down volume buttons, which works like on the remote of earphones. So when you double-click it, it changes the song forward and when you triple-click, it changes the song backwards.
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    Yea the headphones provide one easy way to do that - there may be the sleep/wake button as well.
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    I didn't mean just the headphones, there's also a button on the nano in between the volume buttons. At least it looks that way.
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    You have to use something like a morse code on he button between th volume rocker. double click, hold, etc. Good luck, I still have one with click wheel !
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    Jessica Lares

    From the manual:


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