iPod Nano Interface Screenshots: Events and Cover Flow

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    ThinkSecret has updated their story which claims that a hard-drive based "touch-screen iPod" will take center stage tomorrow.

    They also now reveal details about the iPod Nano, which is said to have a higher resolution display (320x240) with Flash-based capacities to top out at 12GB or 16GB.

    They provide screenshots from the user interface videos, along with captures that were not previous released depicting Events and Cover Flow.

    The screenshots are sourced from the same set of videos that were leaked and later pulled in July.

    Article Link
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    I want one..

    ..count me in! I wonder if the Nanos will play video...

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    Nano Phone Anyone

    Nano iPhone by Christmas.....
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    I guess we will know tomorrow for sure I expect allot out of this generation they have had a year to work on it. I wonder if apple will try to one up the competitions players (features wise) or just build on what they already have.
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    but yeah, i'm know i'm gonna want one of these.....
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    I knew the iPod touch would use a Hard Drive...

    Flash did not make sense...
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    I still don't understand why the digital clock says 5:55 and the analog clock clearly reads 4:55. That just seems like a bad mockup and not a screen shot of an actual working program. I mean, when an analog clock is almost at 6:00, the little hand almost is on the 6, not directly on the 5.

    There are a number of issues with these videos. But they really do seem apple like and appropriate for a smaller screen. I just don't get why there are so many issues with them.
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    Can't wait to see them! BUT I'm wondering if all my accessories and sound dock will still fit and work with the new nanos?? please please do... I'd hate to spend more $$ on new attachments, etc...
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    i like.
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    I knew It!!!

    :eek: I KNEW IT :eek:
    Ive been waiting for this since December of 2006. Now we get to fully experience videos in a full wide screen environment...I hope iPod looks like the iphone.
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    Ha ha, I have a friend who is gonna buy a Nano, he will FREAK at the sight of these UI photos!
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    320x240 is not widescreen. Although I assume the ipod touch will be widescreen, just not actual 16:9. Same as iphone.
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    Came across the alleged screenshots several hours ago on thinksecret.com.

    Very nice, if they are indeed, the real thing.

    If this new iPod comes with at least 100GB; I might just *finally** buy my first ever iPod!:eek:
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    That's what I've been saying as well, flash iPods would be too expensive and still compete with the current iPhones.

    HDD Touch iPods would pwn, if they are released tomorrow I'll be buying one.
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    When I heard about the "Events" category in the new Interface I thought that would be a new "view" in iTunes where you could set up an "Event" for each one of your Artists and personalize it with a custom picture of the band and inside would obviously be their songs (you could even go into another folder divided into their respected albums but I guess that would be TOO organized and all and all too much clicking)

    I'm interested in seeing the new interface in person rather than picture stills -- with that being said I can hardly wait for tomorrow's event!
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    Teh Don Ditty

    Looking good. I'll be buying the new nano as long as... a) The size is between 12 or 16 GB, b) The price isn't redonkulous, c) They don't come in those horrific colors that were leaked (I so wanted a Blue Nano for the longest, but I had no need for it)
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    holding the iPod sideways doesn't make it "widescreen"... the iPhone is not widescreen, it is still standard 4:3.

    if it has wifi, count me in... if it doesn't, then it's a distant maybe...
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    if it has wifi, the possibilities are endless.. then people would hack it to have aim, skype, and everything else.. i never needed an ipod.. but if it is 100 gb with wifi.. i think im in..
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    120 or 160GB then peace will exist!
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    Oh crap! going to get my wallet AGAIN....
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    I hope so. Their iPod rumors are always realistic. Unlike everyone else's speculations.

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    I'm ready, lets see what Apple got!
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    Most pointless use of video ever. It's just a video of 2 pictures.
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    What prices are people expecting

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