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Discussion in 'iPod' started by igazza, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Can the nano get the radio signal from logitech speakers or any 3rd party
    headphones ?

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    The radio antenna is in the iPod itself. It doesn't matter what speakers or headphones you are using.
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    That is not correct.

    The headphone wire acts as the antenna. If you don't have the headphones plugged in it gives you a message that says to plug them in for reception.
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    Do you own one already?
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    Yes - I got one yesterday.

    Here is a except from the 5G user manual (bold emphasis mine):

    "iPod nano has a built-in FM radio that displays station and
    song information, lets you pause live radio, and tags songs
    that you can preview and purchase in iTunes.
    To listen to FM radio, connect earphones or headphones to iPod nano, and then
    choose Radio from the main menu.
    iPod nano uses the earphone or headphone cord as the radio antenna. You must
    connect earphones or headphones to iPod nano in order to receive a radio signal.
    The radio doesn’t play through the iPod nano speaker."
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    fill us in, with your adventures with your new ipod nano:D
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    So how's the reception while playing it in car?
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    Well how dare you correct bad information with experience and excerpts from the manual?!?!?!:eek:

    Yes, please let us know what you think of your new iPod.
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    I didn't try using it in the car - I already have a radio in the car.

    In the house and around the neighbor hood the reception was good. I also didn't try the pausing the radio feature yet.
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    steve knight

    can you tell me if the functions and station speak if you turn on the voice? I want to know before I get my blind wife a new nano.
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    I have the new 16Gb blue nano (got it this afternoon), and can vouch for lack of radio functionality without headphones. Leave them off, and the radio function gives a message refusing to activate without them. Plug them in, and the built-in speaker is deactivated.

    Not that you'd miss anything. Honestly, the built-in speaker is too small for anything resembling high-fidelity music reproduction. Think of those old handheld transistor AM radios back in the 70s. Now imagine that, but less than half as loud at best. It's good only for a quick audio preview of video camera clips.

    I didn't turn my Voiceover on, so I don't know about radio station announcing. That would be a handy accessibility feature, though, especially since Voiceover can be programmed for menu navigation. Time for some research... :)

    EDIT: Oh, and by the way, the new nano is so worth it. I had been considering a refurb 4th gen, but now I'm very glad I waited.
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    I just tried turning on the Enable Voiceover and Enable Spoken Menus options and let it sync.

    The voice over seems to speak the song title and artist for the songs played from my library. The spoken menu option speaks the menu title as you navigate through the menu. I don't think it speaks the stations as you tune through them. There was nothing spoken while I was in the radio except any menu title I triggered when pressing one of the buttons.

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