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ipod nano tubes not shipping until 3rd week of november?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by orijinal, Oct 14, 2005.

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    what IS that?

    i thought it said 4-6 weeks when the nano first came out, doesn't that mean now it should be shipping immediately?

    oh brother.
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    Yes, and I love that their response to people who complained about screen scratches was to "get a case."

    Thanks, Apple. We'll be sure to do that as soon as you get off your behinds and ship the darned things! How hard can it be to manufacture a simple plastic tube?
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    You'd be surprised.... especially sense its the third most popular thing being sold.... only passed by the nano and the nano armband
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    here in the uk, i recieved my nano tubes yesterday. see my thread on it for more details... they're not bad
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    Yeah, I've heard people are getting them. Maybe that is just the UK.

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    No, other people have gotten them.

    They've been in the Houston Galleria Apple store ever since about 3 days after the Nano came out...

    Maybe the Houston Galleria Apple store really is the store of the future! (I told that to my friends once so they'd go with me. :p)

    store of the future!!!

    but, if someone REALLY REALLY wants one, you could always paypal me the cost + shipping and I'll pick it up for ya.
    Can you imagine that? I'd be buying 10 Nano tubes and they all know I don't have a Nano.. those punks.
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    terrible timing.

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